The Top Celebrity of 2021

Joelle Mentis, Writer

The Celebrity of the Year Is the Most Charitable Celebrity 

You know, we cover celebs because they travel to places that inspire. But once a year, we highlight a public figure based on charitable works. And in 2021, this individual gave $8.7 billion to essentially ignored charities. She demonstrates that celebrity is not just about fame; she’s by far the most charitable celebrity in the world. So, that’s why the celebrity of the year is…Mackenzie Scott.

A League of Her Own

A true humanitarian, Scott is in a league of her own when it comes to making donations. Recently on her blog, she called attention to people of all walks of life who make donations year in and out. She makes an appeal towards the gift that is generosity to the giver. Granted, not everyone has this big a hand in the shares of the most successful company in the world, but we’re glad at least this wealth is being managed well. Here are some of the places where she made a difference this year as the most charitable celebrity, and our top celebrity of 2021.

The Charity: Transgender Law Center

The Location:  California

The Mission:

To provide trans people with equal rights and necessary tools for better futures. Trans led and run, Transgender Law Center helps people attain birth certificates, and supports policy initiatives to improve the lives of trans people all over.

The Charity: Story Corps

The Location: New York City

The Mission:

Story Corps is a non-profit that seeks to preserve stories of Americans so as to share the incredibly diverse and interconnected nature of this country’s citizens. Through podcasts, recordings, and written work, Story Corps is building an archive for the future which will remind people of the complex and beautiful nature of the people here.  You may not have heard of Story Corps, but that’s one of the reasons the most charitable celebrity supports this organization.

The Charity: World Central Kitchen

The Location: New York City

The Mission:

While many of the non-profits on the most charitable celebrity and our celebrity of the year’s list are under-the-radar, this one is on the front lines.  World Central Kitchen responds to disasters by providing food for victims. However, not only do they meet the daily needs of people who face hunger, they also believe that food builds community, and support culinary programs around the world. In this way, they don’t just build food security, but food resilience.  World Kitchen is run by another one of our most admired philanthropists and celebrities, famed chef Jose Andres.

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