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Salma Hayek on Vacation

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Salma Hayek on vacation travels in style. And why not when you’ve won an Emmy, achieved an Oscar nomination and have a billionaire husband whose company owns Gucci among many other luxury brands. So yeah, the 55 year old actress and ‘Eternals’ star is doing OK in life and, as a result, she enjoys high end travel. 

These are some destinations that you can visit, stay and dine so you can be like Salma Hayek on vacation.

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Where to go like Salma Hayek on vacation

Venice, Italy

Accommodation:  Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel

wooden tables and chairs with large blue and white sun umbrellas against a backdrop of water and green trees


Salma Hayek and her husband, Gucci head Francois-Henri Pinault, tied the knot at the luxurious Cipriani hotel.

This classic Venetian hotel has been around since 1956. From the day it opened,  this elegant hotel defined luxury. It is tastefully and artfully decorated with antiques and has incredible views over the water and Venetian skyline.

Today, it boasts the only Olympic-sized swimming pool in Venice, which is set in a classic Italian palazzo as well as Michelin starred restaurants. All the rooms offer private balconies and terraces overlooking the water and marble bathrooms. The indulgent treatments offered at the on site Casanova Spa are perfect wind downs for Hollywood stars. 

During the Venice Film Festival, the Cipriani is where the A-List stays.

a white table laid for dinner with glasses, brown pepper pot, cutlery and white plates, with green chairs

Paros, Greece

Dining:  Mario Taverna in Naoussa

When you are an A-list Hollywood actress and a French billionaire, you will have a few friends.  When you’re Salma Hayek on vacation, you may stay in a friend’s private villa in Greece or on one of the idyllic Greek islands. 

This past year, Salma and her husband holidayed in the hot spot destination of Paros, Greece, an area renowned for its natural beauty.  This beautiful island lies in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Although they probably had a private chef there to create the best meals for their group, that didn’t stop them from hitting up Mario, a local Greek taverna restaurant on the north of the island at Naoussa. 

Mario’s is a low-key seafood restaurant that overlooks the turquoise Aegean water and is run by Chef Mario Taschpinis.  

He takes simple Greek recipes and brings them to the next level in flavor and presentation. The Mediterranean cuisine here focuses on fresh, locally sourced organic produce. What’s not made from scratch here comes right out of the sea.  Carpaccio, ceviche, cheese pie and beetroot risotto with crawfish are a few of the specialities on the menu.

a brown wicker chair and tall wooden lamp on a marble floor against a vivid green wall

The Destination:  Mexico City, Mexico

Accommodation: Condesa DF

Salma Hayek’s Mexican heritage makes her an expert on where to go and where to stay in Mexico City.  Condesa DF is a boutique hotel with just 40 rooms, set in the Bohemian neighborhood of Condesa.  It’s as local as it gets with a warm, welcoming vibe. It has a colorful decor which feeds off the vibe of the local artist neighborhood.

The hotel is all about great design. The building dates back to 1928, but it’s been meticulously decorated with Parisian-designed custom furniture throughout. Their rooms and suites ooze sophistication and charm. The hotels’ on site restaurant, El Patio, serves a fusion of Mexican and French food, perfect for A list actors.

looking down onto food topped with green leaves in a brown wooden bowl


Dine: Pujol


One of Salma’s favorite restaurants in Mexico City is the acclaimed Pujol. Pujol is the restaurant by Enrique Olvera, which 20+ years ago made Mexico City a foodie destination.

The tasting menus take traditional Mexican food to a whole new level of gourmet.  Highlights of the tasting menu includes amberjack with radish, pistachio and ginger and an octopus taco with bean puree and purslane.

brown wooden stools at a white table laid for dinner against a white and brown bench

Los Angeles

Dine:  Osteria Gucci  (of course)

When you’re married to the head guy at the house of Gucci, you get preferential reservations at Osteria Gucci. 

 The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Gucci store on Rodeo in central Beverly Hills.  Osteria Gucci is a confection of whimsical colors and patterns that immediately puts you in a good mood.

Italian born Chef Mattia Agazzi creates contemporary Italian food that you will remember long after your visit. Diners can order five or seven course menus that include tempting dishes such as Tortellino Truffle and ‘Risotto Camouflaged as Pizza’.  

Wherever you choose to stay and dine in these fabulous destinations, enjoy your surroundings as much as Salma Hayek does on her vacations.


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