The Most Luxurious Christmas Gifts

The Holiday Gift Guild: Part II

Writer: Mila Grgas

There’s a lot to celebrate this year, so this is our gift guide, part deux. Last week, we had all the small, thoughtful luxuries in life. Though, much like 2021 is going out strong, so is the second half of this list. Think of it as go big or go home. These are the things that, yes, money can buy.


Chanel Bag

When it comes to Chanel Bags, it can feel like you’re drowning in haute couture.  What is a gifted bag that isn’t too basic, but not too overstated?  Luckily, timeless dazzling pieces are channel’s specially.  If you feel slightly lost, go for the Classic Handbag or the Channel 19 handbag.  To play it safe stick with classic knitted black, or for another style, embroidered floral designs on either style.

Louis Vuitton Luggage

What does that business traveler need most, besides a break? Definitely a Louis Vuitton duffle, and maybe a couple of soft shell state of the art monogrammed rolling luggage.  The technical, aka the smooth and light design, is sure to make the tech nerd in your life swoon.  All this while being the most fashionable on the air runway.

Hermes Scarf

For the art lovers look no further than Hermes‘s latest collection of silk scarfs.  Their beautiful patterns go unmatched, with intricate designs sure to leave your recipient staring for hours.  Some examples of the perfect scarf for art collectors include: the  Cavalcadour Voltiger Scarf 90 and the Grande Theatre Nouveau Scarf 90.


Van Cleef

For the most special of loved ones you should choose the most special of gifts.  Thats why the Van Cleef Frivole collection is worth the steep investment.  These hand made pieces are sure to make a statement, for you and the one who wears it.  Most favored are the between the finger rings which are set with the most glamorous precious stones.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston does not shy away from the holidays, just take a look at their version of Santa’s list.  To something just as festive for the holidays as it is for the coming year is a hard line to balance.  However, the Forget Me Not Ruby and Diamond pendant stands out as on theme yet sustainable.  You may want to lean into the spirit of the season though.  Then take a look at the Winston Cluster Emerald and Diamond earrings or the Winston Kaleidoscope Pink-Red Spinel Pendant.


The Brando

Located in French Polynesia, The Brando sits on the island of Tetiaroa Atoli.  This storybook island has been a destination for hundreds of years, Tahitian royalty even used it as a retreat.  There you can bear witness to the rich culture of Polynesia and live in the amazing biodiversity in animals and plants the oasis has to offer.

Sheldon Chalet

Skiing may be the yearly family excursion, but in order to gift you and your loved ones a trip they wont forget, its time to head to Denali Alaska.  Three generations of Sheldon‘s have made this family business the most luxurious form of mountaineering.  Only ten miles from the summit, you are constantly surrounded by breathtaking views.  What better way to spend the holiday than in the northern lights?

Sweet Bocas

For those relatives who you know prefer the heat, try the Caribbean coast of Panama.  It’s great for those loved ones who always say they just want to disconnect.  Only accessible by boat, the secluded over-water villa is designed for connection with nature.  You can eat in house farmed food, or surf your days away, until your phone and society are eons away.



What do you get the person you know who seems to have everything, or desires nothing.  They must be in need of a practical gift, something they will use every day.  Look no further, since a Bentley is sure to wow.

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