The Best Christmas Gifts

Mila Grgas, Writer

The Holiday Gift Guide – Part I

You and your sig other are in dire need of a vacation. Your mom has been eyeing a new purse. Your sister won’t splurge on that stand mixer. And this year, you have holiday parties again. Whether it’s for the chef, the traveler or the person with everything — we have holiday gifts for that. Here’s Part I of Santa’s list.

Clothing and Accessories

The Gift:  M Gemi Shearling Shoes

Regardless fo the level of cold your gift recipient is experiencing this winter, shearling shoes are always a must.  Classic Italian Brand M Gemi provides the best of the best.  If you want to impress the fashionista in your life, get them The Greta Shearling.  It’s clog style is all the rage right now, and sure to bring in that post Christmas comfort.

The Gift:  Gucci Belt

When it comes to Gucci belts, there is one that is the most recognizable.  With all the variations and all the styles, how are you to chose.  Here are some questions to ask your self about the gift-ee: Are they a designer lover? Maybe stick with the tried and true GG Marmont Leather Belt.  If they go for a more classic piece usually, try the Lizard Belt with the Interlocking Horse Bit Buckle.  Are they a statement maker?  If so go with the Wide Belt with Square Buckle.

The Gift:  Jenny Kayne Cocoon Cardigan

This gift is like a warm cashmere hug. Its perfect for the family member who always has you turning up the heat, and those who always need to have the most coveted gift.  In other words, its the best gift for a fashionable mom, or aunt.  Luckily it comes in every color of the earth toned rainbow so you can grab one for yourself too.

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