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You know, the history of giving the host gift when you go to someone’s home began with the cavemen. Heck, even chimpanzees make a token offering when exchanging favors. So this summer, when you’re staying at someone’s, we know you’ll come bearing gifts. No matter how big or small, it’s the thought that counts. Here are five ideas to be the model houseguest.

The Host Gift:  Aerin Lauder Chess and Tic Tac Toe Game Sets

Good for:  The host who enjoys the finer things in life, and appreciates design. Aerin Lauder’s line of home design goods epitomizes good breeding and a healthy trust fund.   The chess set is both classic and contemporary in design, encased in a faux shagreen with custom chess pieces.  It will set you back $2,500, though she has more reasonable pieces, like the tic tac toe at around $500.  If you’re reading this article, message us at [email protected] and we’ll get you our super secret source for Aerin.  You can acquire these pieces for around 50% less, and they are in perfect condition.

Where to buy it: Aerin and Bergdorfs.

host gift

The Host Gift:  Destination Haus’s White Coral Geode Bottle

Good for:  The host who loves design and home stores.  If he or she has not yet been to Destination Haus, it will be the beginning of a new obsession.  Destination Haus sources beautifully curated home and kitchen goods from all over the world.  You could spend hours in their new Montauk location, and take your own house next level in decor.  The geode bottle looks beautiful on a home bar, in a China cabinet or as an accent piece, well, anywhere.  It’s functional too; fill it with liquor, your own margarita concoction to bring to the party, or juices.

Where to buy it: Destination Haus

The Host Gift:  West Elm’s Cheese Knives & Board

Good for:  The host who entertains.  Clearly because you’re the guest, that is pretty much anyone and everyone.  No matter how stocked your serve ware is, somehow you can always use more cheese knives.  West Elm has servers that punch far above their price point.  These marble cheese knives and a matching board also look good in any house, even the $1.5 million rental we have featured on Galavante.  Whether your host is an expert in the kitchen or likes to order out, this gift is always useful.

Where to buy it:  West Elm 

eleven madison cookbook

The Host Gift:  Eleven Madison Park Cookbook & Gift Certificate 

Good for:  The host who likes to dabble expertly in the kitchen.  As expected from Eleven Madison, their cookbook is not for the beginner.  Think dishes like Asparagus Textures with Shrimp, Anise Hyssop and Almond Milk Snow.

With the re-opening though of Eleven Madison as a vegan restaurant though, everyone will appreciate a token gift certificate.  Check out our article on Best Restaurants in the US for more details on this big Eleven Madison news.

Where to buy it:  Eleven Madison Park 

sea salt

The Host Gift:  Bread and Salt 

Good for: Stay with us here for a moment, because you know we know, what we’re doing.  In traditional Russian culture, when you greeted someone of importance, or went to their home, you would bring a loaf of bread and salt.  As you arrived, you would make the offering with both hands to your host.  This ceremony of sorts showed 1) respect and 2) you were not armed.  Yes, because they could see both your hands, they knew you came in peace.  Fast forward to today, it’s a cool story to tell.  If you didn’t learn to make your own sourdough over the pandemic, buy the nicest loaf you can find.  Up the salt to Maldon or one of those fancy truffle salt numbers.  Of course one does not live on bread and salt alone, so throw in some wine, caviar and other goodies.

Where to buy it: World Market and Petrossian 

Petrossian Caviar

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