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Maybe it was Kaley Cuoco’s character in The Flight Attendant who inspired us. Or maybe it’s because we were tired of searching our dopp kits for essentials we needed in a jiff. But we found these new travel organizers for toiletries (and even vitamins!) that are pretty darned cool.  We would say that Cadence can change the travel size industry, for the better.  Also the capsules are beautiful.  Here are the details.

How they Work

The Cadence capsules are magnetic containers that you can fill to your hearts desire with all your creams, cleansers and even vitamins.  They come in beautiful colors you can mix and match, or keep it monochromatic.  The tops are customizable to label so all the contents are clear and organized.  The standard cleanser, exfoliator, eye cream, shampoo and other basics are off-the-shelf and gratis.  Anything outside of the regular categories are at a surcharge to label.  The capsules are magnetic so when it’s time to pack, they stick together so your routine is at your fingertips. They also are compact, so no need to even check luggage.  The point of the Cadence capsules is they organize you.  Instead of searching through your dopp kit with all the different bottles, Cadence keeps it simple.  Now you can cruise through your morning routine like you’re at home, wherever it is you travel around the world.

Think of the Environment 

Travel size toiletries are not environmentally friendly.  Most of the plastic bottles are disposable after their contents run out.  That means it’s no bueno for the environment.  For travel, Cadence essentially cuts down on the space all those bottles take up. Also because they’re refillable, there’s a sustainability aspect to Cadence, as it’s goodbye to non-environmental conscious travel sizes. Therefore, that means in addition to your eco-friendly destination, your travel size carryons are eco-friendly too.  Everyone wins.

Where to Buy:  The Cadence Website 

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