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A Stylish Oven: Our Place Wonder Oven

We are sure this obsession with Our Place’s new-ish Wonder Oven has some deep-seated root in not getting our Easy Bake oven as a kid. Even if you don’t have that childhood trauma, the Wonder Oven is something you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. We would go as far as to say this is the J Lo of ovens – but more of a 6x  threat than a triple. And just like J Lo, it’s a stylish oven and looks good no matter the occasion. So just in time for the holidays, this is your chance at a double oven, no matter how big our small your space is.

Just in Time for the Holidays

For those of you who have multiple ovens, stove ranges and refrigerators in your professional-level kitchen, we’re so happy for you. For the rest of you who either love to entertain or just need to heat up our leftovers, Our Place has your next favorite gadget. Appropriately named the Wonder Oven, this is not just a stylish oven. It air fries, bakes, roasts, toasts, heats and broils. Unlike the current models out there who we won’t call out because until now they’ve been the only game in town, the Wonder Oven is next level. Like the most expensive Japanese toaster out there, that’s a one note toaster, the Wonder Oven has a steam infusion technology. This means that the outside is crisp, while the inside stays moist. You may start using this as your primary oven, which is a fraction of the fancy $20k ovens out there.

Finally a Stylish Countertop Oven

So not only may the Wonder Oven replace your regular, it looks good on your countertop. There are 6 different colors that think out of the box, from lavender, to green, blue and a spice. For traditionalists there’s black and steam, which is a cross between silver and white.

Besides how darned cute this Our Place Wonder Oven is, there’s function over form. In other words, this stylish oven is not just a pretty face. The Wonder Oven preheats 75% faster and cooks up to 30% faster than traditional ovens. It’s also roomy; not fit a 20 pound turkey roomy, but a 4.5 pound chicken. You can check out the link at Our Place to buy here. There’s a 100-day trial too going on, so you can take this stylish oven for a spin. With all the holiday entertaining this season, this is also a good pre-holiday gift for the person who’ll be cooking the feast this year. We should also mention this stylish oven clocks in at $195, so just may be the best return on investment for your kitchen.

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