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Brunch on the Upper West Side

Joelle Mentis, Contributor

Felice Upper West Side Brunch

You don’t need to leave the city to get your suburban fix for the weekend. There’s the Upper West Side to explore, where contrary to belief, you don’t need your passport above 59th Street. And as far as eats go, the Upper West excels in brunching. These are the top spots for your UWS staycation.

Good Restaurants Come to the Neighborhood

The Upper West Side of Manhattan isn’t necessarily known as a culinary destination. There are thousands of restaurants between 59th Street and 125th Street, west of the Central Park West. For decades though, most of these restaurants arguably epitomized mediocre. Really good restaurants or trendy food didn’t last too long on the Upper West Side. The crowds were also the furthest you could get from the downtown cool. It was pretty rare to see a pack of tier two models running around the Upper West Side like you often see in Soho and Nolita. Today though, things are changing a bit. This doesn’t mean that the Upper West Side will ever give Soho a run for its money on cool. It does mean however that you may get your friends who won’t eat above 14th Street to come visit.

Best Brunch on the Upper West Side

The criteria for our list of the best brunch on the Upper West Side is primarily based on food and atmosphere. Atmosphere includes restaurant design, liveliness and the general vibe of the crowd. We’d like to preface though that this does not mean that the crowd is going to be downtown cool. What it does mean though is your downtown friends won’t begrudge you for trekking up to the Upper West Side.

Our list is streamlined as yes we can throw out many more names, like Maison Pickle, Parm, and classic Sarabeths as the best brunch on the Upper West Side. But really, those are not places that are better in food and atmosphere than our list. The point of our list is not to give you a digest or directory of every single restaurant that’s “arguably” good for brunch on the Upper West Side. Instead, it’s to give you our top list.


Add Your Review

We know you have good opinions, and they should be heard. So we invite you to review the best brunch on the Upper West Side, among other favorites, on our Tastemaker Reviews. If you’re not part of our current community as Tastemakers is invite only, message us at [email protected]. Through our Reviews community, you can add your favorites and your pass lists of restaurants. You can also star rate places, and write up places you like, or don’t. So in addition to our list of the best brunch on the Upper West Side, our Tastemaker community will know yours too. After all, you are the expert.

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