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Stockholm is one of the top cities in Scandinavia which gives you a no-strings attached long weekend of history, food and local culture. Stockholm is a royal city, where like the United Kingdom, they have a constitutional monarchy. What this means for you is that Stockholm is a city of palaces, royal landmarks and a unique beauty. But take away all the grand architecture, impressive waterways and elegant aristocratic feel of the city, and you’re left with a place that is a good time. These are the luxury hotels in Stockholm to rest your head, no matter what adventure you choose.

A Note about Luxury Hotels in Stockholm

Like Scandinavian design, contemporary Swedish design is clean lines, functional with unexpected quirks, kind of like the Swedes themselves. When it comes to hotels, the rooms express the clean theme both in their design as well as on the cleanliness side. However, the general rule of thumb, even for luxury hotels in Stockholm, is that the rooms will be tiny. If space is important to you, book the suite. Luckily compared to other cities where $2k is just table stakes for an entry level room, in Stockholm you’ll get more value. We would even go as far as to say that you can generally get a top room at the luxury hotels in Stockholm for $1,500 USD or less. Of course this is all premium in cost, but alas what luxury travel costs today.


The Hotel: Ett Hem

The Vibe: Boutique design hotel off the tourist path. A perfect hotel for couples who want to feel like locals for a long weekend.


It’s hard to beat the OG boutique hotel, and after all these years, Ett Hem is still arguably one of the top luxury hotels in Stockholm, if not the top. However, there’s no pool, big restaurant or even really a proper spa. Ett Hem is like staying in someone’s home, which makes sense because it originally was a private residence. Today the hotel is made up of three buildings with a central private garden. The design of the hotel, personalized service and luxurious interiors make this one of the top luxury hotels in Stockholm. When you come to breakfast, it’s like being at a friend’s home, that is if your friend has elevated cooking skills.


The Vibe: Contemporary luxury for those who want to be in the center of all the action.


The Lydmar is one of the luxury hotels in Stockholm if you want to be in the center of all the action, in a contemporary design hotel. Think of it as the relaxed luxury option without frills or pretense. Service is all about personality versus white glove. In their direct, tell-it-like-it-is fashion, restaurants are named exactly as they are as The Patio, The Terrace and The Dining Room. Whatever you call it, there’s a buzz at the hotel from day to evening. The Lydmar also has access to the Nordic Spa & Fitness amenities at the Grand Hotel, which is right next door.

Hotel Diplomat

The Vibe: Updated classic luxury, for those who want both a traditional luxury hotel with just a touch of fresh contemporary luxury.


Hotel Diplomat is one of the larger luxury hotels in Stockholm with over 100 rooms, and sticks more than the others on our list to traditional luxury. The hotel is been around since 1907, but unlike some of its peers, they’ve leaned into slightly more updated classic design. There’s still some of the historic staircases and stained glass, but gone are the overly traditional furniture pieces. In their place are classic Swedish design with brighter interiors and clean lines. The hotel is full service with restaurants, old school bars and afternoon tea that pay homage to their history.

Villa Dagmar

The Vibe: Art and design focused boutique hotel that fits right into the local neighborhood atmosphere of Stockholm.


Villa Dagmar is one of the newer luxury hotels in Stockholm, and is the sister hotel to The Diplomat. Where Hotel Diplomat is a more classic and grand hotel, Villa Dagmar is more boutique and design-focused. Its location, though central in Östermalm in Stockholm feels more local. You walk outside the door and it’s right in the middle of cool restaurants and bars to explore. Villa Dagmar is one of the luxury hotels in Stockholm that focuses on art, with rotating exhibits through the year.

Hotel At Six

The Vibe: This is Stockholm’s answer to The W Hotels, with a lively restaurant and bar scene, attractive younger crowd and modern rooms.


If you want to be in the center of all the action and surrounded by the tech scene in Stockholm, At Six is where to be. At Six is also the most modern of the luxury hotels in Stockholm, where rooms are minimalist and dark in color palate, with a few splashes of color. The restaurants follow suit with modern Scandinavian scene, and are all about people watching. For those who are traveling solo for work and looking for a social scene, this is the luxury hotel in Stockholm for you.

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Q: Is the location of Ett Hem in the center of town?

A: Ett Hem is one of the luxury hotels in Stockholm on our list that is not in the center of the touristy area in Stockholm. Instead it’s located in a residential area about 10-15 minutes walk to the center of town. Its location is both the reason to stay at Ett Hem, and not to stay depending on what you’re looking for.

Q: Where is the Lydmar located?

A: The Lydmar is one of the luxury hotels in Stockholm that is located right in the center of town. It is right beside the Grand Hotel, the old-school luxury hotel in Stockholm. Note that the Grand Hotel is not on our list of luxury hotels in Stockholm as respectfully it needs an update to the rooms.

Q: Are the Diplomat and Hotel Dagmar the same hotel group?

A: Yes, both the Diplomat and Hotel Dagmar are luxury hotels in Stockholm that have the same owner. They are both chic and updated boutique hotels in central locations in Stockholm.



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