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The Most Peaceful Vacations to Begin the Year

You ate a lot of pie over the holidays. A lot. But it sure was nice spending the past month in revelry and merriment. Now, it’s time to get back to business. Clear your head. Detox and reset. Maybe figure out what you want to do with your year ahead. Or even ponder the meaning of life. Whatever the objective, we have a place for that. These are the spots to reset, now that it’s 2022.  These are the most peaceful vacations you can take around the world.

The Destination:  Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

Why to go:

Like after your wedding, the post-holiday blues are a real thing.  Although the holidays are hectic and at the time you wished you could slow down, now there’s an empty void.  Enter in Amangiri, which turns that “What’s next” feeling into a spiritual way to reset in the New Year.  The land that Amangiri sits on is full of Native American Indian history, beauty and spirituality.  Then you add in Aman’s stunning hotel, spa and Chef Anthony’s pancakes, and it’s one of the most peaceful vacations and luxurious retreats you can take in the U.S.

The Destination:  The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah

Why to go:

For the blue skies, of course.  And the powder for fresh tracks every morning, and enough interesting activities besides hot toddies by the fire for those who don’t ski.  Recently opened, Auberge Blue Sky is a welcome addition to the luxury tier hotels of Park City, and one with the largest footprint.  Set on 35 acres outside of Park City, it’s where you can go on horse-drawn sleigh rides and snowshoe as far as your feet will take you.  With its advantage as a brand new resort, rooms are modern and maybe the most luxurious of the bunch.  Either way, skiing fresh tracks is one of the most peaceful vacations to begin the year.

The Destination:  Amanera, Dominican Republic

Why to go:

You know if there are restaurants, clubs and shopping you’re going to be on the go.  You can’t help yourself.  But what if you have just your luxury hotel, the beach and stunning coastline?  Then you have a shot at total, utter relaxation and defines one of the most peaceful vacations.  The most strenuous activity, besides the beach, is the 18 hole award-winning Trent Jones golf course.  The course has the most beautiful views, that anyone will take up golf.  Or at least ride in the cart.

The Destination:  Four Seasons Nevis

Why to go:

This is where there was the “vacation in place” concept, which meant only staying on property on arrival until departure (thank you COVID).  And we can personally attest, with only one restaurant open and 6 days on property, it was the rest you need.  Nowadays there are more food venues open at the hotel and you’re free to roam about the island.  However Nevis is still as chill as ever, where if you stayed on property the entire time, you aren’t missing anything.

The Destination:  Ambergis Cay, Turks & Caicos

Why to go:

We did a feature on Ambergis Cay, as it’s where the billionaire set who wants to avoid Page Six retreats.  With only 10 suites and a handful of private villas on isle, this is as relax and repeat as it gets.  Most of the dining is private in your own suite or villa, though you can mix it up at the one restaurant on isle.  The draw here is the privacy with a capital “P” and stunning turquoise waters and beyond pristine beaches of Turks & Caicos.  Ambergis Cay is one of the most peaceful vacations, in an area that’s already peaceful.

The Destination: Six Senses Portugal

Why to go:

First off, it’s the Six Senses, and if you haven’t yet stayed at one of their properties, the time is now.  With a firm identity as down-to-earth sustainable luxury, you can easily follow the Six Senses around the world.  They have destinations from a private island in the Seychelles to the Israeli Megeve desert.  The Six Senses also has a slew of new hotels in the pipeline, including d’Abruzzo.  But back to Portugal, this property is maybe the most luxurious in all of Portugal.  Set deep in the wine country outside of Porto, the most strenuous activity may be biking from vineyard to vineyard.  It’s as  serene and restful as it gets as far as peaceful vacations go.

The Destination:  SHA Wellness Clinic

Why to go:

Set in Mexico, Spain and the UAE, this is more than a surface level detox.  This is the program that you design based on your objective.  Whether it’s to shed some of those holiday pounds, slow the clock on aging, or to totally revamp, SHA has the program for you.  Though losing weight is so much more than calories in, calories out, food is a core component of the SHA programs.  As an integrative approach, it also means they’re going to talk mental health and wellness too.

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