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Road Trip

Road Trip: Canterbury of Kent

Anyone who went to school and read books (or wrote book reports without reading them) has heard of Canterbury of Kent – if not through Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales,” then through any other British poetry or prose from the middle ages. And there’s a reason: there was a time when Canterbury was the hub for English pilgrims, other church-affiliated folk, and…
The Deal

The Winter Paws Up Resort Deal

You’ve done the private islands and the luxury European hotels. You’ve hit all the global hot spots, and the locals at Ibiza could probably pick you out of a line-up. And as much as we love all that too, it’s sometimes it’s time for somewhere fresh – and such a place exists, right in your own backyard: The Resort at…
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Travel Buzz

Nayara Resort, Spa, and Gardens: Your New Tented Camp

As much as well all love the great indoors, sometimes it’s nice to get back to nature. Not just to look at it or walk around in it. But to feel it: breathing in the fresh morning air can remind us that it’s okay to unplug from time to time (despite what your boss says). And soon, you’ll have just…
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Food, New York City

Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC

It’s been a busy year. With work, your personal life, endless emails and admin, you didn’t even notice how Thanksgiving 2019 rolled around – and you certainly won’t have time to put together a meal for everyone. Or maybe you just want to change things up a little bit. Whatever the case is, it’s hardly an issue. After all, you…
thanksgiving dinner

Kiva: A Charity For Your Children to Invest In

Your kids are some of the most progressive in their school. They’ve been everywhere, and seen places that most adults only dream of. But it’s also important to give your kids an opportunity to give back to their communities, and learn about the responsibility of money. Enter Kiva. (more…)
Celebrity Travel

432 Hermosa: Leo DiCaprio’s Rentable Home

The property: 432 Hermosa, Palm Springs Who: If the ‘who’ is referring to ‘who the property was built for,’ the answer is Dinah Shore, the 1940s American singer and actress. If it refers to ‘who vacationed there?’ the list includes (but is not limited to) names such as Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Elvis Presley. But if the…
432 Hermosa
Travel Buzz

Luxury Hotel in Istanbul: Six Senses’ Latest Addition

Six Senses Resorts are where wellness meets hospitality and barefoot luxury. But now that they’re opening a location in Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul, they may need to add to their slogan. The new property combines the powerhouse of luxury hotel service with the monumentally historic significance of Istanbul.  So with the addition of the Six Senses Kocatas Mansions, you may have to…