Summer Travel and Snow Globes with Whitney Port

By Hilary Sheinbaum, Celebrity Travel Contributor
Whitney Port

Whitney Port rose to fame on The Hills as a bubbly blonde intern for Teen Vogue. After parlaying and starring in her own show, The City, launching a fashion brand, Whitney Eve, getting married and becoming a mom, she’s still as chic and upbeat as ever.

The 33-year-old has a ton of travel in her future, too. We sat down with the former reality star to chat as she celebrated summer beauty, travel, lifestyle and fashions with Marshalls. Read on for our one-on-one with the jet-setting entrepreneur.

What are your summer travel plans?

I have tons. I’m actually going to San Francisco [Memorial Day Weekend], and then in a couple of weeks I’m going to San Francisco this weekend and then in a couple of weeks I’m going to Italy and Prague with my husband and then I’m going to Chicago and a lake in Missouri. Then I’m going to Montana with my family for my mother-in-law’s 75th.   So, it’s going to be really intense.

How do you prepare for all of these trips?

Honestly, I feel like the week before each trip is going to be insane, but I’m already having like a little bit of anxiety. The ones where I actually bring my son are the ones that require a lot more planning and organization.

Which trips is your son joining you for?

I’m taking him everywhere except for the Italy and Prague one. My husband and I have a wedding in Prague. I’ve never been to Italy, so let’s make it a little bit of a fun trip.

What parts of Italy are you going to?

I’m going to Rome and then Positano and Ravello. So, the Amalfi Coast.

Do you know where you’re staying?

Honestly, in Rome we are staying at an airbnb with some friends, because we feel like we’re not even going to be in the hotel much, and then in Positano and Ravello, we are staying at Le Sirenuse and I think Palazzo Avino.

Do you have a specific travel bag that you always use for everything or do you use for everything or do you typically gear it to the location you’re visiting?

I usually have a simple suitcase that I carry with me. Marshalls has some cute summer ones with special prints and things. I think that depending on where I go will determine it. When I go on my long trip, I’ll probably have to bring a huge suitcase – just a basic weekender is best for shorter trips.

What beauty regimens do you stick by when you are taking a long flight?

It just depends how tired I am before I get on the flight. I usually will just wash my face before I go to the airport and do my regimen and then put no makeup on. I feel gross when I travel with makeup. I feel like my skin gets even more clogged, but I do bring – sometimes – some eye masks with me, some sheet masks – even though you look like a crazy person—if it’s a longer flight. Then your skin doesn’t feel so dehydrated after.

Are you a planner with an itinerary or are you somebody who lands and just goes?

A little bit of both. I feel like, for the more relaxed vacations: less of an itinerary. For [Memorial Day Weekend], no idea. When we go to Italy and Prague, we’ll have dinner reservations but other than that, we’ll probably talk to a concierge and plan each day as we go. I’m not like very Type A, OCD kind of person.

When you come to New York, what are your go-to spots? Are there any places you avoid?

I usually don’t hit up Times Square. I feel like when I was 13 and came to New York for my first time, it was all I wanted to see – was the Bloomingdales and FAO Schwarz there. I either stay downtown, or now I’m staying by the Brooklyn Bridge right now which is amazing and so great to walk around, but also if I’m in the mood for something quieter, I like staying uptown on the Upper West Side or the Upper East Side and be able to have a little calm.

Any restaurants you love in the city?

My friend and I love going to Via Carota, the Italian place over in the West Village. I like going to BondST sushi. I know it’s trendy or whatever, but their tuna pizza is so good! This place closed, but my go-to spot was One Lucky Duck. I’d get the banana nut smoothie. I was really upset about that.

How about beauty and fashion staples in New York?

I love coming to JINsoon for a mani/pedi. It’s so accessible here. I love going to Bergdorfs.

Where was your last big trip?

Since I had a baby, I haven’t taken any big trips. This is the first big one, coming up. We went to Vegas together for a night.

Is this the longest time you’ll be away from your son?

Yes. We’ve done four nights – that’s the longest so far. This one’s going to be very, very long.

What’s the most random souvenir you’ve taken home from a trip and where is it in your house?

I used to have a collection of snow globes. I would get a snow globe wherever I went, and now they’re all in storage in my garage because I realize they’re really cheesy and stupid looking. I think I have, like, 75. And my husband gets them for me wherever he goes, too. I saw them in this chic woman’s apartment in London when I was living there for a while, and I was like, “This is a really cute collection.” And then I started getting them and they weren’t as cute as hers. I think because I was getting the ones they sell in airports and she was getting beautiful antique ones. So, now they’re sitting in the garage.

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