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Loulou’s Fish Carpaccio

Branzino Carpaccio with Stracciatella + Raspberry

This food is as good as it looks. You may not instinctively know to pair uncooked fish with cheese and fruit, but it’s a good idea. And it’s a recipe that anyone who can slice moderately well (and open up packages) can make. This is the dish that will impress any level of chef at your next dinner party.

That One Perfect Afternoon at Loulou’s

We love getting inspiration for recipes from the places we travel. This one is inspo courtesy of beach club Loulou’s in St. Tropez. Yes, it’s the same as the Loulou’s in Paris but it’s in residence only for the summer season on the Côte d’Azur. And while the calendar officially turns September to fall, we’re optimistic for continued warm weather. So this recipe brings back all the best memories of a perfect day at Loulou’s on a bright summer afternoon.

This fish carpaccio recipe is all about the quality of the ingredients. This is when your hookup with the fishmonger comes into play. The fish has to be almost right off the boat, or at least as close as possible. You’re eating the fish raw, so it has to be sushi grade. If you have an Eataly near you, it makes a stracciatella that just melts into your mouth. Once you get the ingredients right, and there are just a few of them, it’s as easy as assembling them. This fish carpaccio recipe is a great starter for lunch or even as a whole meal.

Serves 6 as a starter
2–3 as a main course


1 lb branzino, skinned and de-boned
1 Meyer lemon
1/2 lb stracciatella cheese
1 pint raspberries
Basil leaves
High-quality picual olive oil
Maldon sea salt to taste
White pepper to taste



The keys to success for this fish carpaccio recipe are the fish and the presentation. If your fishmonger doesn’t think branzino is the freshest, then really any white, meaty fish (like halibut) will do. All that really matters is that the fish carpaccio is sushi grade.

Note: If you decide to use tuna, you’ll want to rethink the cheese and raspberries. Tuna is the one fish that will absolutely clash with stracciatella and fruit. If you’re using tuna, the fish carpaccio will pivot to a more salty profile. If that’s the case, try fried capers for an even more soy-based rendition of fish carpaccio.

Filet your fish uniformly into as-thin-as-possible pieces and arrange them in a thin layer on your presentation plate. Lightly squeeze the Meyer lemon over the fish. Sprinkle with the lightest touch of Maldon sea salt. Next, take two small spoons and scoop out a small circular portion of the stracciatella and place gently on top of the fish carpaccio. Repeat this throughout the plate until you have a pretty pattern of cheese on top of the fish. Top each mound of cheese with a whole raspberry. Artfully add basil leaves throughout. Drizzle with olive oil. We like to use a spicier olive oil as it adds an additional flavor element to the fish carpaccio. Grind fresh white pepper on top and sprinkle additional Maldon sea salt to taste. Enjoy alongside your best memories of St. Tropez.

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