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Parrot Cay- Your Private Island

No BS. No velvet rope scene. Definitely no paparazzi with telephoto lenses and a direct feed to TMZ. Just the Caribbean and its most beautiful beaches. Don’t get us wrong — this is exclusive. Parrot Cay is owned by the real Crazy Rich Asians, Christina and Melissa Ong of Singapore. And it’s filled with A-list actors (Bruce Willis) and a supermodel or three. Here’s to you Christie Brinkley, Nina Agdal and Cara Delevingne. Throw in an aging Rolling Stone (Keith Richards), and well, it’s its own kind of private party. And, yes, you’re invited to Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos.

Photo Credit: Matt Lux

The Property:  Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

Suggested Stay:

3 – 7 nights – longer if you’re planning to WFH, and home for you is a private villa on isle

The Highlights

  • You’re on a private island.

And private at Parrot Cay, really means, private.  Located 35 minutes away from the mainland by boat, its location naturally makes it paparazzi free. There are no outsiders just dropping by for a looksie around.  If you’re on isle, you belong there.  That’s probably why it’s so celeb filled, at any given time, because people here are just about getting away and having a good time.  The island is on 1000 acres and has a mile long white sand continuous beach. There are alcoves to explore by bike, hike and golf cart, which keeps it interesting.

  • The water.

If there is water more turquoise in the Caribbean, well, it simply just doesn’t exist. Turks has hands down the most clear waters in the region. It ranks right up there with the Whitsundays in Australia and the atolls in the Maldives.  Even if you aren’t dive certified, you’ll see an abundance of wildlife snorkeling, which makes the isle accessible for all levels of athleticism and all ages.  Also the waters are relatively calm, so a good place to bring your family, and let the older kids have at it for the day.

  • The beach.

Along with the pristine waters, comes the most beautiful, long, white sand beaches in the Caribbean.  At Parrot Cay, it feels like eyou can walk for miles along the beach, which is that perfect soft sand that has treasures of pink hued sea shells along  your way.  If you were to spend your entire day under a lounger with sunscreen on the beach, then repeat that every day you are on isle, then you’ve had yourself a real Turks & Caicos experience.

  • The food.

They really excel at Parrot Cay in this department. You can go as healthy like green juicing it all day, to as decadent like grilled lobster. Don’t miss their cracked conch (still dreaming of their rendition) which is even better than Da Conch on the mainland.  Their range is impressive, and caters to every taste, and every high maintenance dietary restriction.  Notably the breakfast has a Green Goddess. In lieu of hollandaise sauce and an English muffin, their version has steamed bok choy and an herbed concoction.  It makes you feel like a better person, right off the bat to start your day.

We could wax poetic about the food – it’s that good. You just have to allot a few days every time you are in Turks to spend at Parrot Cay because it’s exactly the cuisine you want to have on vacation.  Thank goodness too they have the cuisine down, which is the best of any of the resorts.  You are on a private island, 35 minutes away from the mainland, so the food has to be excellent.

  • Staying in a private villa on isle.

The estate villas, where the hitters like Christy Brinkley, Bruce Willis’s old place and Keith Richards all post up when they are on island, are the way to go.  To buy on island,  you have to get special permission, from the Ongs, who own Como. If you get the nod, from there, you build your dream house.  Some of these villas are surreally appointed, and go from stark modern to traditional Caribbean.

The island is on 1000 acres of land, all accessible by golf cart or bike.  So even in your villa, the main resort is just within 10 minutes or less.  So you get the best of all worlds.  Your privacy when you want it, and social time when  you want to be in the mix.

  • People watching.

Parrot Cay attracts a certain type of clientele, and more often then not, they are pretty easy in on the eyes. You’ll find the fashion types and creatives. No matter who they are though, guests are in it to have a good, low-key time.

The Fine Print

Parrot Cay is the spot where you check in and don’t leave the island. Maybe you’ll do one excursion to the mainland, but otherwise your experience is about being on Parrot Cay.  You are 35 minutes away from the mainland, and transfers are at a premium to get back and forth.

Parrot Cay is the place you go if you’re looking for the deserted island vibe.  Its closest neighbor is North Caicos, where the locals mostly live and commute to the other islands for work.  Part of the COMO hotel group, which is the brainchild of Christina and Melissa Ong (hence the COMO brand) they are the real-life Crazy Rich Asians.  The Ong family are Singaporean hotel titans with more diverse holdings than can be listed. However, Parrot Cay is their special enclave.  Their circle of friends like Christy Brinkley, Donna Karen, Keith Richards and Bruce Willis all have homes.

Barefoot Chic 

The vibe is casual beach chic, and where there’s not a bit of pretense.  Pool scene is split up into families in one area, and adults in another. Eeveryone gets lots of quality time on those loungers. Rooms are understated; they are the definition of barefoot, beach chic.  The main hotel rooms are white themed jewel boxes, that were recently refreshed.

If you need more room, then opt for a larger suite.  Alternatively, you can go for one of the beach front suites, that get you right on the sand, with screened in patios and plunge pools.  These rooms are meant to convey a rustic beach house vibe.  Therefore choosing your aesthetic is an important decision when you’re making  your reservation. 


Q: When is the spa open for COMO guests?

A: The resort spa is open from 9a.m.-9p.m. Guests at the spa can schedule wellness treatments, do pilates, use the outdoor jacuzzi, and more.

Q: What are some of the excursions that guests can enjoy while on Parrot Cay?

A: Experiences include snorkeling, paddleboarding, tennis practice, diving, fishing, and more.

Q: Which airport should visitors fly into?

A: The main airport on the Turks and Caicos Islands is Providenciales International Airport, which is where most of COMO’s guests fly to. Transfer can then be arranged to Parrot Cay.

COMO Parrot Cay Information

Address: Turks and Caicos Islands


+1 649 339 7788

Email: [email protected]



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