Six Spots to Spring Ski

Forget flying South for the winter; this season, the West is where it’s at. A number of you have realized that this pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go work from the slopes, because that can be home too. Fresh tracks, pow pow and social-distanced après ski — well that’s just about maximizing your time. The good news is there’s still enough season to get involved, and these are six top spots to spring ski, or if you’ve figured out the system, spring live.

Aspen, Colorado

Why we like it: If there’s an official list for a spot that is the most fun place to ski and snowboard in the US, it just has to be Aspen.  We love the authenticity of the town, the glamour, which is both star-studded during the holidays but for most of the year, it’s low-key, the restaurants which are excellent and the people.  Even if you don’t ski, there’s plenty to do while you take in the fresh mountain air and Colorado vibes.  This pandemic year, Aspen is even more civilized and an escape into glimpses of normal life again.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Why we like it:  The Grand Teton mountains.  The views, from the moment you land at the airport, are breathtaking in Jackson Hole.  A spring ski here is also about the pure love of the sport.  Known for its backcountry skiing and challenging slopes, this is where the hard-core skiers are heading this season, and every season.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Why we like it:  Eleven Experience.  If you don’t know what this is, think that on a scale of 1-10, staying at a real estate mogul’s hotel is off the charts, an 11.  This is where to go when you’re bringing your entourage with you, as you take over the entire hotel, located in downtown Crested Butte, which is nicer than any ski lodge you’ll probably ever stay in.  They even have altitude acclimatizers in the room, which help your body adjust more quickly to the 12,000+ foot elevation.  That’s before you even get into one of their cats, which is how you get to ski on their private mountain.  With some of the best guides and instructors in the country, it’s one of our favorite ski experiences for all levels.

Deer Valley, Utah

Why we like it:  This is the spot, where if you have your work from home routine under control, you can easily rent a place for the entire season, without breaking your bank.  Deer Valley is about being in the pure, fresh outdoors, with no fuss of scene or trying to elbow your way into a table.  Food is solid all around and the town is as easy-going as it gets.  And the skiing – it’s some of the best around, for all levels.

Big Sky, Montana

Why we like it: This is as pure as it gets.  The path less traveled (at least, until the Montage opens) Big Sky is all about the stunning scenery and pure nature of Montana.  There’s a reason that the real mogul – Bill Gates, for example, have their family homes at the Yellowstone Club.  There’s a place here for all levels,  from beginners who are learning pizza pie to the double black diamond fearless adventurers.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Why we like it:  If you love to ski and are pure in heart for the sport, Sun Valley is the authentic experience for you.  If you think of the top of the class in athleticism, this is their choice, as it’s so unique in vibe from the other options on our list.  That’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s own glamour – the people Sun Valley attracts are pretty easy on the eyes  – or it’s own charming town, where there are solid restaurants and spots to wander in and out.

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