A European Country Open to Americans This Summer

Croatia Sea

Your summer in Europe on the Riviera can happen. Well maybe not quite the French, but the Dalmatian coast. Same super yachts. Socially distancing dancing on tables. Your time in the sun. You just have to come here. With a hotel reservation. And you’re in.

Seriously, it’s as easy as booking a place (a nice one of course) and you’ll be surrounded by unique architecture, historical heritage and the breathtaking coastline you’ve been dreaming about since lockdown began. All you need is the confirmation of paid accommodation in Croatia and you’re in.

If you are coming from the US, you will also need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR that is no older than 48 hours from time of taking the test to time at the point of border crossing. For those who don’t have the tests required, you can still come, but you will be self quarantining for 14 days. For most, this won’t be a great option, so we highly recommend you get your test.

Officials are requesting that all travelers have COVID-19 insurance while on their trip, and COVID-19 health protocols apply. Passengers on public transport and in shops or stores must wear masks and all social distancing precautions must be taken. For those looking to unplug, this may be the opportunity for you to take advatange of the open beaches with no one around.

You can even hit up nearby Montenegro which also recently began allowing visitors from the US provided a negative PCR test result or a positive result of an antibody to (SARS-CoV-2) class IgG serological test. Whether you’re taking a day trip to the pink pebble beaches and famous venetian ruins where the architecture and natural rocky cliffs transport you to somewhere desirably out of this world, or if you’re heading to Aman’s Sveti Stefan, your European summer is looking up.

Both Croatia and Montenegro have mountains and historical sites to hike, adventure activities like white water rafting in ancient canyons, and quaint towns filled with history to explore. Given that COVID-19 is keeping everyone around the world outside and spread out, take advantage of the new travel opportunities to get to the countries where road trips and socially distant activities bring once in a lifetime experiences. Oh and about that hotel rez… here are four hotels we love, one of which is brand spanking new.

The Hotel List

Aman Sveti Stefan
Aman Villa Milocer
Villa Dubrovnik
Lopud 1483

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