• Sunday, September 27, 2020

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We'll Travel Where He's Traveling - Brad Pitt
September 2, 2020
By , Writer

Croatia, “the most beautiful country he has ever visited.”.. .  He, of course, being Brad Pitt. Maybe it’s the stunning coastline. Maybe it’s the off-the-grid vibe. Or maybe it’s to visit his multibillion-dollar hotel project in the area. No matter Brad’s  raison d’etre, a good reason for us is that Croatia is among the 30 or so countries in the world right now allowing Americans to visit. So, it is one of the most compelling international destinations currently accepting what used to be the world’s most powerful passport.

And Brad may be doing more than just visiting the coastal town of Zablace, where he is purportedly investing in a 1.5 billion dollar luxury resort called ‘Barabriga’ which will have a hotel, villas, golf courses and restaurants. The resort is said to be a ‘modern ecologically-responsible planned community’ and will be designed with architect partner Nikola Basic who is known for creating the Sea Organ, a modern staircase sculpture famous in the country. So whether Mr. Pitt is involved or not, this is one place to put on your destination list.