One of the Best Views in NYC

Ain't No Building High Enough

Mila Grgas, Writer

That is, except maybe Summit at One Vanderbilt. If you haven’t heard, New York City’s skyline just got a little higher with the arrival of this tower near Grand Central. Just a few feet shy of Empire State Building height, Summit has a 360-degree all-glass view from 93 floors up. And yes, it’s one of the best views in NYC.  Here are the details.


Some may call it a man made mountain, but luckily it’s much easier to get to the astonishing height of 1,000 feet. Summit at One Vanderbilt coins itself as a transformative, all encompassing and above all, literally breathtaking experience.  If you buy a ticket to take in one of the best views in NYC, you get access to both Levitation and Air.  For twenty extra dollars you get to experience Ascent.  Each of these permanent installations show the city from a different perspective.   There are a lot of interesting things to do in NYC  and excellent restaurants opening right now, but Summit has to be one of the top.  (Literally).  Here are the details on the immersive experiences and exhibits at Summit now.

The Exhibits


The clouds, the bright blue sky, and a bird’s eye view of midtown is the premiere selling point of Summit.  Most visitors really just want to step right out into sky, and luckily Levitation provides that sensation (safely).  The glass walls and floors and these cubicles jut out of the building leaving nothing but open air beneath you.


Designed by Kenzo Digital, this permanent immersive art installation really is a feast for the eyes. The kaleidoscope-like reflections in the glass and the see through two story floor is an experience that is ever better being high up.  The light of the sun during the day and the buildings a night give a magical science fiction air to the space. It’s definitely the main attraction and comes with all three of the ticket choices.


This glass elevator may seem like something any roller coaster fanatic could handle.  But also at 1,401 feet, almost everyone will lose their breath to get one of the best views in NYC.   The immersive experience. grows yet another layer with this moving perspective that brings you and away.

Yayoi Kusama’s Clouds

Just next to Aprés, in a room with just as a good of a view, is an installation by iconic Japanese artist Yoyoi Kusama, Clouds is a floor sculpture made from shining stainless steel.  The steel blobs group together and reflect the beautiful cityscape onto their surface adding another on the list of subversive views of NYC’s skyline.  The work forces it’s viewer to come closer to the ground, something hard to achieve so high up in the air, and reflect the beauty in these smaller reflective droplets.

The Food

The outdoor garden features a modern space fit for a quick break in between the all encompassing exhibits.  The designer, Snøhetta, is a Norwegian architecture firm and one of the many big names that worked on One Vanderbilt.  The food is creation of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events.  At the end of your long journey through the clouds, sit back and enjoy the food on an outdoor terrace.  Hands down, it’s one of the best views in NYC.  And yes, that view is even better with a cocktail in hand.

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