A Retreat in the Cotswolds

If frolicking Jane Austin-style in the Cotswolds is an attractive proposition to you, well, now there’s a hotel for that. Set on a 600-acre Georgian estate, this villa experience is English countryside to a tee (or is that tea?). Private gardens, horseback riding (English versus Western of course) and probably a butler named Jeeves. This villa is where to stay in the Cotswolds.

The Estate

There’s something about the Cotswolds that’s just so darned English. Maybe it’s the gardens. Maybe it’s those cute pubs. Or maybe it’s highbrow activities like croquet on the lawn or skeet shooting. Whatever the reason you go to the English countryside, it’s certainly pretty there, spring through fall. And now there’s an estate that anyone with an entourage (or anyone who just likes a lot of bedrooms!) can rent. Welcome to Cirencester Estate, which is part of the Mandarin Oriental villas. It’s definitely where to stay in the Cotswolds.

With 10 bedrooms and multiple libraries and drawing rooms, sprawling barely begins to describe Cirencester Estate. If that’s not enough room for you, there are converted barns that can accommodate more of your party. Its sheer size makes Cirencester prime for everything from a wedding to a corporate retreat — one you’ll actually look forward to.

When you arrive, we weren’t kidding about the butler; just that his name may or may not be Jeeves. You also get a chef for 50 hours a week, and a housekeeper for eight hours a day, because that’s how Cirencester rolls.


With a 600-acre playground, there’s a lot to do, should you decide never to leave the estate. Your own private tennis courts, for starters. Here, horseback-riding and archery are standard-issue activities to while the days away.

And if the combo of exercising and imbibing appeals to you (no judgment here!), you can even go on a grand hike — from pub to pub. The nearby town of Cirencester is rich with Roman history and local diversions. It’s also the largest town in the Cotswolds, so you’re close to the action.

Will It Break the Bank?

Surprisingly, no, considering there are 10 bedrooms. The place costs 6,700–10,000 GBP a night, but if you split the bill with your friends, each of you may spend less than you would at a lot of the lux hotels in the Cotswolds. Also, the minimum is only two nights, which makes Cirencester a compelling option for where to stay in the Cotswolds.


Next time you’re in London, remember that Cirencester Estate is only 1.5 hours away. As usual, dial into [email protected] and you’ll be hooked up.


Q: What is the minimum stay?

A: Two nights.

Q: Does it allow pets?

A: Yes.

Q: What are some of the amenities?

A: There is a heated outdoor pool, lakeside sauna, yoga deck, outdoor fire pit, and much more for guest enjoyment.

Cirencester Estate Information

Address: Cirencester, The Cotswolds

Contact: [email protected]

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