Chatwal Catskills Hotel Opening

Rohan Vasa, Writer


This one’s been on the Buzz radar for a while, but this year the Chatwal Catskills will finally open. Now there’s a new standard of weekend trip that becomes available to travelers from the East coast and beyond. This is the first look — luxury meets camp.

The Catskills

Sometimes you just want to get away for the weekend and not have to get on a plane. Long-distance travel can be draining, especially when you are looking to get out into nature and have a peaceful time away. Luckily, the Chatwal Lodge is only a two-hour drive from Manhattan. Situated on Lake Toronto Reservoir, the luxury estate offers up the best of both worlds — the time to relax in the wilderness, and opportunities to explore and engage in many different recreational activities. 

The Chatwal Lodge

The founder, Sant Singh Chatwal, is known for his hospitality and aims to bring these ideals to the Catskills. For the Chatwal Lodge, he was inspired by the many camps and lodges found spread throughout the Catskills and Adirondacks. The hotel is built in an area known as Champin Park, a 18,000-square-foot game and wildlife preserve. It was first acquired by the entrepreneur Chester Champin in 1891. 


The overall aesthetic honors the craftsmanship of the Adirondacks and employs the original stones and wood found in the area. The Chatwal offer 11 rooms and suites that range from smaller cabins to roomy houses for families. These feature carved wooden bed frames made from the original barn beams. The overall feeling is cozy and rustic, but clearly, no comfort or elegance was sacrificed. Certain suites include their own fireplaces and have views of the lake or lawn. Rooms range from $1,400–2,800 a night depending on availability


Rustic Grill, the lodge’s main restaurant, takes advantage of its proximity to the many organic farms in the area. Chef Jesse Kloskey brings the experience he gained while working at Michelin star restaurants in Napa Valley. The farm-to-table approach focuses on menus tailored to the changing season, so the ingredients are always fresh. The Timber Lounge serves up lighter meals with breakfast in the mornings and tea in the afternoons. 


The Toronto Reservoir is the perfect place for kayaking, swimming, or canoeing on a hot summer’s day. There’s also a private stream that runs through the park, allowing for fly-fishing (with expert guides to help). The Chatwal provides countless activities, from hiking to horseback riding, bird watching to cycling. Of course there’s also a fitness and wellness center for working out, yoga, and treatments. 


Q: How far is the lodge from New York City?

A: The Chatwal Lodge is approximately 95 miles north of Manhattan, which is less than 2 hours when driving.

Q: When is the Rustic Grill open?

A: Rustic Grill is open daily from 12-2:30p.m. for lunch and 6-11p.m. for dinner.

Q: What are some of the excursions available to guests?

A: Guests can use the fitness center, play in the rec center, spend time with a wellness practitioner, arrange a horseback riding lesson, sign up to go skiing in the area, and more.

The Chatwal Lodge Information

Address: 338 Chapin Trail, White Lake, NY 12786

Phone number:   8455838300


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