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Where To Buy A Vacation Home Now


You ever love a place so much, you don’t want to leave? Well, maybe you don’t need to. Hotels around the world are creating residences within their resort compounds, that are private homes with all the perks of the resort services. Which means no grocery shopping, no making the beds ever and anytime room service, in the comfort of your own personal abode. That makes hotels, where to buy a vacation home now.

And if you play your cards right, you could end up cash-flow positive at the end of the year. So it’s like the resort is paying you, to own a home. We know, we’ve been running the numbers for clients this past year. Because we know hotels. We know finance. And we know you, and all your hopes and vacation dreams.

So why and where to buy a vacation home?  Maybe you’ll buy a vacation home because you love a place (our suggestion). Or the purchase is because you have some extra change in the cushions and want to put it to work.  These six spots around the world are where to make that vacation home purchase.

Four Seasons Prieta Bay Vacation Home

Four Seasons Costa Rica, Papagayo Peninsula

The Resort:

When you think about where to buy a vacation home, Costa Rica is a good place to start.  The Four Seasons is currently the only true luxury hotel experience in Costa Rica. Located on x acres of prime real estate in the Papagayo peninsula, this is a classic Four Seasons experience.  Gorgeous hotel grounds with two sides of beach.  Excellent service, stellar spa and good to excellent food.  The hotel rooms are nice, though the villas really take the experience to the next level. What’s unique is there’s also a sense of community and social scene for those who want to partake.  This is perennially a favorite hotel for its many repeat guests.

Four Seasons Papagayo Vacation Home

Why it may make sense:

This is the only place in Costa Rica where foreigners can acquire property, right on the beach.  And you know what they say about real estate, location, location location.  Also, the numbers make sense, especially if you’re not financing and/or you’re putting down more than 20%.  As the only real full-service luxury hotel in Costa Rica, the hotel villas are consistently in demand.  Most owners end up in the black every year, with a cash-generating asset, in addition to a vacation home to boot.

We caveated the Four Seasons is currently the only game in town for luxury.  That’s because, the luxury portfolios are arriving, including the Six Senses about 2 hours away.  This doesn’t mean though that the market will be saturated with high-end hotels. If anything, you’ll have a reason to stay longer as luxury properties arrive throughout the country.

Aman, Miami

The Resort:

Aman Miami is on here, just as your FYI.  In the historic Versailles hotel space in the Faena district, this will be the place to stay and live in Miami when it comes online in a few years.  However, the units got snapped up so quickly, you would have thought they were giving away the $20 million+ starting units.  Clearly, Aman is where to buy a vacation home.  This will be one to watch.

Why it may make sense:

There is no doubt, even if you did not rent out your pad at Aman even one day, it would almost certainly still  be a good investment.  Chances are, Miami is on your circuit, and would  still use your home enough personally, to make this purchase worth its while. With Miami real estate in hot demand for the foreseeable future, a home in the nicest hotel in town has a good chance to go up in value.  Also, as a homeowner, you’ll get access to the Members-only Aman Club, which is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.  The actual question here is, why wouldn’t you buy a place at Aman Miami?

Silversands, Grenada

The Resort:

Set right on the main beach, the Grande Anse in Grenada, this is a stunner of a hotel.  Silversands Grenada is what you would expect more out of St. Barths, with its European vibe, the longest pool in the Caribbean and thoughtfully luxurious rooms.  Of all the hotel portfolios, they utilize technology the most efficiently. The villas are the home of the 21st century, where everything from the locks, blinds, curtains, lights and music are controlled from the app on your phone.  They spared no expense on the villas – limestone from Italy, custom appliances and finishes that you would find in well, St. Barths.  This is a hotel that understands the essence of ambience with signature scents in the rooms and the all day into evening great music. Silversands is the retreat for grown ups to enjoy a stunning hotel while exploring this beautiful island.

Why it may make sense:

To be clear, we’re not saying Grenada is definitely where to buy a vacation home.  This is a highly speculative investment, that Grenada will emerge as a go-to destination for American tourists.  And not just that either; take it a step further and you’re betting this will be the next St. Barths.  This may not be so far-fetched though; its harbor is famed to be the most beautiful in the Caribbean, and the same owner of Silversands has a plan in the works to develop shops, restaurants and boat slips big enough for massive St. Barths vessels to dock on isle.   You still can even get hurricane insurance for your boat in Grenada, unlike other islands that don’t make the geographical cutoff.

The Grand Anse is 2.5 miles of round trip white sand and turquoise waters.  It’s still unspoiled and authentic, and the locals could not be more kind.  Then there’s the hotel itself. The Silversands photos were the exclusive reason we put Grenada on the list, and it delivered.  The hotel is nicer than 90% of its peer group in the Caribbean. We can’t predict the future, but Grenada has a shot, if they play their cards right, to be the next St. Barths.

Four Seasons Los Cabos Vacation Home

Amanvari & Four Seasons, Costa Palmas Mexico

The Resort:

This is not your grandma’s timeshare.  We’re going to put it out there; Costa Palmas, which is on the Sea of Cortes, is the most beautiful and exclusive part of Mexico.  Once an area of backpackers and surfers, they’re still there.  But just not on the most prime real estate in the area, which now belongs to the Costa Palmas development, with the Four Seasons and the future Amanvari hotel developments.

Los Cabos Vacation Home

Why it may make sense:

You love Mexico.  You want a place you can bring friends and family, anytime you want.   Maybe you are even generous enough to let your nearest and dearest use your humble abode throughout the year.  And you’ve got cash to park long-term.  This is a no-brainer spot of where to buy a vacation home, for those who live on the West Coast, and want a getaway in Mexico for the weekends.  It is unlikely at the 99.9999% level as well that there will ever be a development of more beautiful homes in all of Mexico.

Soneva Fushi Vacation Home Villa

Soneva Fushi, Maldives

The Resort:

As far as investments go, this is where to buy a vacation home if you’re into extremely remote.  Soneva Fushi is an island, that’s about as Robinson Crusoe as it gets.  With a few upgrades of course.  Like the 63 beachfront luxury villas throughout and 8 over-the-water villa retreats on the private island  complex. There are 10 restaurants and bars on isle.  Almost all the food is grown on-island and fished off the waters.  This isn’t simple camp fire food though; the culinary program at Soneva is one of the best in the world.

Currently, Villa 65 at Soneva Fushi. This beachside complex features two stunning duplex villas, nestled within jungle with unmatched sunset views. Upon purchase it will be upgraded at the resort’s expense to a spacious Four Bedroom Crusoe Suite with pool, sweeping terraces and a private gym.

Soneva Fushi vacation home

Why it may make sense:

If this pandemic taught you anything, it’s that you need a viable escape plan.  When all the world is going to heck and a handbasket, you can call your pilot to fuel up the jet, and bring your own Noah’s Ark to Soneva.  One of the few places in the world that did not close borders, Soneva carried on, like it was just another day in utopia.  They are an operation that’s run like its own country, and if push comes to shove, they can sustain themselves entirely. Besides the Armageddon scenario, holing up anytime, in a $10 million villa, is always a good idea. Also, with its proximity to the Middle East, rooms are consistently in demand.


Like we said, we know you.  We know hotels.  We know the numbers.  And we know where to buy a vacation home now.  Message us at [email protected] for the fine print and the inside scoop on these properties as well as any residential hotel real estate that interests you, around the world.

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