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Tina Fey’s Vacation List

Joelle Mentis


Few people deserve the label of American treasure, and Tina Fey is firmly on the list. This lady defines funny while also being self-deprecating, which makes us even bigger fans. So this goes out to Tina, and all the places that are lucky enough to host her and her brood. These are the spots where you too might get a Tina Fey sighting.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

She wrote in her book Bossypants, “Luxury cruises were designed to make something unbearable seem bearable. There’s no need to do it now, there are planes.” So there is no confusion about why Tina Fey’s vacation list consists of spots located in the U.S. Maybe that’s why Fey likes (Santa) Fe. While shooting Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Tina got some time off to explore the best New Mexico had to offer. Though she bounced between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it was the latter that clearly stole her heart. She told Seth Myers in an interview that the mountains and restaurants were amazing. She adores the Georgia O’Keefe galleries and the gorgeous and inspirational women over 50 that frequent them.

The real draw for her, however, was the Ten Thousand Waves Spa, a Japanese resort and spa tucked in the mountains just four miles outside of the city. The place has outdoor soaking tubs shrouded in juniper bushes, and a plethora of Asia-inspired treatments. The Izanami restaurant features a true izakaya experience, with sustainably sourced meats and produce. Being Tina Fey, her experience at the spa involved humorous moments. She made light of an uncomfortable moment with a man entering the women’s locker room who turned out not to be a man at all. We don’t blame her for the honest mistake. She apologized profusely. And gender is confusing. But leave it to Tina to turn her awkward encounters into content.

Charleston, South Carolina

Tina Fey’s vacation list has certain cities that don’t get as much attention from travelers as they deserve. Charleston is one of those towns that has it all, from a growing urban nightlife to historic museums and theaters. Being a coastal city, there’s also a harbor with dreamy rooftop bars, and boat tours that turn a humid summer day into a breezy paradise.

Tina traveled to the southern city for what seems to be a little getaway for herself. While touring the Dock Street Theater in the Historic French Quarter, she posed for a selfie with one of the long-time employees. The traditional playhouse usually sees musical stars rather than comedians, so the older gentleman was surprised to see Tina Fey walking around. So surprised, it seems, that he forgot how to take a selfie. All was well in the end, though, as Tina came to the rescue, and offered to hold up the phone in the correct position. The result is an adorable, Instagram-worthy moment.

We can’t say for certain where she stayed, but that doesn’t matter. We enjoy the opportunity to make guesses. Charleston has many viable options that are as diverse as they are upscale. If she was playing it safe, she would have stayed at Restoration, a spacious and urban hotel inspired by New York. The one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites offer an apartment-style experience that lets guests see what the new South is all about.

Chicago, Illinois

Before she was a household name, she was just another comedian trying to get her big break while doing standup at Second City. Since she becoming famous, Chicago is no longer her stomping ground. Instead, the windy city is a place she can return to for good memories. That’s where the kalamata-style chicken at the Athenian Room in Lincoln Park comes in. The tender half chicken is supposedly one of the most delicious meals you can get for under 15 bucks anywhere in the city. It also was the bulk of the comedian’s diet for years. The chicken is served over a bed of thick cut steak fries that get slightly soaked by the juice. The result, she says, is unbelievable, and a must-try.

Whether or not Tina still visits the Athenian Room, we’re certain she’s moved up from her apartment on the North Side. When she visits, she stays at the Pendry, an art-deco-inspired new hotel near the Art Institute and Millennium Park. Rooms have been described as handsome and gilded, while the French restaurant inside is helmed by Michelin-knighted chef Donald Young. Although the hotel has no spa, a high-tech gym provides copious wellness offerings. As Chicago lovers ourselves, we can get behind Tina’s hotel of choice.


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