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Trevor Noah on Vacation

Joelle Mentis, Writer


Sometimes we feature celebs because they give us #yachtgoals. Sometimes it’s because they know how to do it up big on vacation. In this case, Trevor Noah is just darned cool. So we’ll have what he’s having on vacation. Here are five spots where you can see the world like Trevor Noah on vacation.

Singita Lebombo
Singita Resort, South Africa

One would assume that a born-and-bred South African knows where to go when it comes to vacationing there. Trevor Noah hasn’t let us down. Singita is a luxury eco lodge on the biggest game reserve in South Africa. Home to the big five (lions, leopards, elephants, black rhinoceroses, and African buffalo), Kruger Park provides one of the most immersive nature experiences in the world. The motto here is “Touching the Earth Lightly,” which isn’t just a slogan —  the boundary between inside and outside almost disappears at Singita.

All the same, the 15 rooms are nothing short of spectacular. It’s no surprise that you can find Trevor Noah on vacation at any of the multiple Singita lodges (the name is Shangaan for “Place of Miracles.” Free-standing bathtubs in front of floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as optional outdoor beds draped in mosquito nets, provide a life-altering perspective of the natural world. This isn’t camping or even glamping; Singita is in a category all its own.

Kailua Beach
Oahu, Hawaii

We love to follow Trevor Noah on vacation because he’s got a quirky eye for great travel experiences. When he flew to Hawaii for one of his shows, he took the opportunity to indulge in Hawaiian shirts and Spam (the islands have the highest per-capita Spam consumption in the U.S.). What else comes to mind when you think of Hawaii?  Nighttime paddle boarding? Maybe not, but that’s what Trevor did anyway. His outing with Nocturnal Adventures featured safe, glowing paddle boards…and a whole lot of baby sea turtles.

Ungasan Resort, Bali

Bali is the top destination for travelers to Indonesia, one that you’ll find on virtually every celeb’s wish list. The place is famed for its stunning geography, and is also a hub for wellness. For Trevor, Bali’s sunny rays were the backdrop for a super-romantic vacation with (now-ex) Jordan Taylor. The Ungasan resort certainly seemed to suit them well. Jordan, a model, posed for Instagram pictures in multiple rooms.

The resort on the Bukit peninsula is all inclusive — and very luxurious without breaking the bank. Where some celebrities would rather go big or go home, we respect that when Trevor Noah is on vacation, he just needs a beautiful spot (he chose Ungasan’s famous villa) and some good people.

How is the clifftop resort different from the competition? We say it’s a toss-up between the fantastic views and the expansive rooms.

Not to be missed is the beach club, called Sundays, which offers the height of relaxation. Ungasan’s spa, dining, pool, and service hit all the right notes for anyone looking for a luxury vacation in Bali.

St. Barths

St. Barths is a rite of passage for any aspiring jet-setter. Some lucky couples start here as boyfriend and girlfriend, graduate to husband and wife, then return with their kids in tow. We’re pulling for Trevor and his girlfriend Minka Kelly. There’s nothing like telling the world you’re a couple by cuddling publicly at a cool restaurant in the Caribbean. In June, Trevor and Minka did just that when they visited Orega, a five-star Franco-Japanese fusion restaurant. Orega is a recent addition to St. Barths, one that’s really stepped up the island’s sushi game. By the way, St. Barths has some of the best hotels in the Caribbean. Here, there’s simply no average place to stay.

The goodtime hotel, Miami Beach

Trevor Noah, on vacation, likes to have a good time. And it so happens that about a year ago, Pharrel dedicated a whole hotel to exactly that pastime. It’s already quite the celeb draw, actually. The new Miami Beach hangout has attracted the likes of Steve Aoki (the DJ and Benihana heir), ballplayer Alex Rodriguez, and dozens of other celebrities, including Trevor.

During his Miami vacation, Trevor was spotted at the club- and beach-style parties out on the huge pool deck. If Pharell isn’t in the DJ booth himself, DJ Khaled is, or someone else with major music-spinning skills. Lines for the hotel parties often go down the block.

Feel more like lazing in the sun, soaking up the rays? The beach is barely five minutes away by foot.

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