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Where Kelly Ripa Vacations

Kelly Ripa

We’re going to date ourselves here, but we remember the days when Kelly Ripa was on All My Children. Give us a break; we had a grandma (the best!) who tuned in daily. But Ripa’s come far, and it’s nice to see someone just crush it. She works hard, but clearly also plays hard — and she has great taste in travel. To find out where and how Kelly vacations, here are a few favorites on her list.

Mustique Macaroni Beach
Mustique, Mustique Island

It would be quite something to be a Consuelos child. Getting Kelly and Mark’s genes would be enough, but they get the added benefit of regular vacations to the family home on Mustique. We have no doubt Kelly is an awesome mom, too. The Grenadines property helps sets her apart when it comes to taking fantastic care of her family.

Caribbean Hibiscus
The private island is a cool-kids club for the rich and famous. Once you touch down, you can forget about traffic, cars, and the busy life. If you don’t know by now, the island features a resort collection of private villas and little else. It’s the kind of place where families return to celebrate birthdays and have cocktail parties with the neighbors. It’s also the kind of place where you can visit a different beach (or go on a different hike) every day. And when you arrive, your chef will have lunch waiting on the patio. Where Kelly vacations, there’s impeccable food.

On Mustique, it’s easy to pretend you don’t have a care in the world. That breezy attitude was excellent for the family when they all quarantined there at the start of the pandemic. They clearly made the most of their time. Kelly frequently posted about their stay on Instagram, including photos where she and the fam are doing yoga in the sunshine.

Clayoquot, Vancouver

Kelly is a doer when on vacation. Ignoring the occasional protests of her teen and young adult children, she drags them on morning hikes to spend quality time in the great outdoors. So what drew Kelly to the remote island resort twice in one month?

Well, Clayoquot is a different kind of getaway. The designers have won international awards for their destination resort spaces, and few of their creations are as exclusive as Clayoquot. For starters, you can only get there by seaplane. After you arrive, you camp in tent-style lodges with limited electricity and cellphone service. Does that sound like roughing it? A little, perhaps, but the place is still one of the most sought-after wilderness resorts in existence. It’s rare to find a destination where you get so comfortably taken care of amid unspoiled coastal forests. Local food and custom itineraries ensure that guests live like knowledgable woods trekkers.

We’re not surprised that Kelly fell in love with such a unique vacation resort. Don’t believe the hype? Check it out for yourself. It’s practically one of the wonders of the world.

The Inn of the Five Graces, Santa Fe

If it wasn’t clear, Kelly is an in-the-know vactioner. The Inn of the Five Graces is a gem in the heart of Santa Fe that we just can’t get enough of. Kelly loved it so much she showed pictures on the air after an especially enjoyable stay.

Once you visit, you’ll understand. It is a unique and unassuming five-star boutique space that catches you by surprise. The New Mexico hotel has the complimentary chips and salsa one might expect close to the border. But step into the bathroom and you feel transported to Afghanistan. Die-cut wood carvings cover the walls, along with intricate mosaic tiles of bright glass. The design is just perfect. The Inn of the Five Graces is clearly a passion project and an impressive labor of love.

As a mom of three and a TV celebrity, Kelly probably took the time to luxuriate in the spa. And why not? This is the type of hotel where you don’t feel you need to leave. Where Kelly vacations, you know everything is perfect.

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