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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Ryan Reynolds

Some people really are good at everything. Besides his status as an A-List actor, Ryan Reynolds started a little mobile network. Yes, what most people do for their full-time gig, Ryan Reynolds does as a side hustle. And he just sold it for over a billion dollars. So, do what Ryan does and travel to these spots around the world. They clearly provide lots of inspiration.

Everyone loves Ryan Reynolds. Be it his charming good looks, acting accolades, or the adorable daughters he shares with Blake Lively, there’s something about him that just holds our attention. But he isn’t just an on-screen lover boy or superhero, he also owns a gin company, an impressive digital media company, and a Welsh soccer team. Basically, he’s a genius. This means it’s cool to be obsessed with him. Oh, and he loves to travel. Here’s where Ryan Reynolds vacations.


He grew up in the city of Vancouver and now the city has become his favorite destination for a family vacation. He even films his movies there (The Adam Project, Deadpool, etc.), which might just be an excuse to go back. He’s been known to go back just to visit his favorite restaurant in the world, Minerva’s, which he and Blake told interviewers they visited thrice in one week.

If you visit Vancouver, he has a whole host of cool spots to visit that — at least before he said anything — only a local would know. And after the closure of his favorite bagel spot, Benny’s Bagels, he aims to fill the void with his own, Ryan’s Bagels.

But a visit to Vancouver can include high-caliber living — likely of which Ryan Reynolds approves. The last time Lady Gaga needed to chill out for a bit, she went to Wickaninnish Inn. And though his marriage to Scarlett Johansson need not be discussed, their venue, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge, is unlike anywhere else.



The Wrexham AFC football team, which he co-owns with his friend, feels like Ryan’s new favorite toy. The fourth-tiered team has a lot of room to grow, and Ryan is putting the work in. Or, he just really wanted an excuse to purchase a 1.8 Million dollar home in Wales. Regardless, he spends quite a bit of time there. He reportedly has fallen in love with the place and its people. The remote castles and rolling hills are in fact, idyllic.

Before he owned his property, he stayed at Carden Park Wrexham, a luxury hotel embedded into the stunning Cheshire Countryside.


Before he was a billionaire, he was just a humble Hollywood actor. We will know and love him most as a Hollywood heartthrob, whose role in The Proposal solidified his hunk status. The movie, in which he costars with Sandra Bullock has all-star status as a rom-com of the early 2000s. And it was filmed in one of our favorite road trip destinations on the East Coast.

Rockport, Massachusetts was meant to look like Alaska in the film. However, the town should be a destination for its own sake. In addition to an artist-inspiring landscape, the picturesque town has a plethora of Hudson School-era art galleries, bakeries, and old bookstores. From most of the bustling parts, there are beach or harbor views from which you can look out onto the vast Atlantic. Rockport feels mystical and nautical, and unsurprisingly, you can get a pretty good psychic reading, as well. But even if that isn’t your thing, Rockport will have an experience for you. If not the least, a really good lobster roll.

When in Rockport, you should do a vacation rental like the one filmed in The Proposal. Though the house they used does not do rentals, you can get the same vibe at a beachfront farmhouse like this one.

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