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Frederic Fekkai’s Top 6 Tips for Quarantine Haircuts

Save your family from going viral from a disastrous quarantine haircut post with expert haircutting at home how-tos from the renowned Frédéric Fekkai. Before taking on the job of at-home stylist, we suggest you stop and take a minute to check out his video tutorial before grooming your little loved ones. We promise it will be worthwhile and you can thank us later. (more…)
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The Ultimate Paella Recipe

Lorenzo Manuali, Writer An authentic private market tour and cooking class? In Barcelona? Of course my answer was, “Sign me up!” Hence began my culinary experience in Spain with my go-to travel companions and Chef Joshua of the Barcelona Paella Experience. For an afternoon, our task was to make a traditional paella. It’s an art to get the right combination of…
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Vegan Cheesecake

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. To begin, spray your springform pan lightly with a cooking oil. Line the bottom with parchment paper, and then cut out parchment to separately line the sides of the pan. This will make it much easier to pull out the cake when it’s done. (more…)
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Cheesecake à la Hotel Costes

Galavante’s recipes are directly inspired by the places that we travel to around the world. Paris was my first love, before I ever even set foot in France. Throughout the past 25 years since visiting as an exchange student, I’ve settled into a comfortable routine of routing through Paris for a few days on my way back from Africa, where…
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The Most Exclusive Ski Resort in the World

You’ve always been ambitious so here’s your top spot to score a coveted invite this summer. Or if you plan ahead, for winter, as it’s also the most exclusive ski resort in the world. This is where the likes of Tom & Giselle, Bill & Melinda, Justin & Jessica – you know, all the peeps you’re on a first name…
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Pistachio Crusted Sous Vide Salmon

We’re in the kitchen again with Galavante, making our impress-the-guests dish of Sous Vide Pistachio Crusted Salmon with Berry Reduction. Warning – this will be the gateway drug to upgrading your kitchen equipment with the Darth Vader of sous vide machines. In less than 30 minutes including the time to cook the fish, you’ll look like a superhero with this…
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Travel Deals – Memorial Day 2020

In a world where just a few months ago, we had the ability to travel anywhere at the drop of a hat, the global pandemic has temporarily changed our lifestyles.  The key to remember is that this is temporary.  There will be a transition period where it will not be business as usual, but first necessary corporate travel will begin as we…
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This Week: Where to Order Delivery in NYC

We’ve waited for two hours to get in at brunch or dinner as a walk-in.  Two months to get a 10:30pm reservation.  And two years to get any reservation at all (here’s looking at you, Carbone).  But with all restaurants currently closed for dining in, you have a rare chance to get a taste of these NYC hot spots at…
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