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In the Kitchen with Galavante – The Best Clam Chowder

Welcome to In the Kitchen with Galavante, the travel and lifestyle company at We bring the world home to you through food and design. Today we’re making a hearty clam chowder, that is “dairy light” where yes, of course there’s cream, but there’s also oat milk. We share the tips and tricks of making a delicious chowder that will…

Dreams of Sushi Bars – Nami Nori

We are counting down the days until we can eat at the sushi bar at Nami Nori.  Until then, order delivery, but here’s the inside scoop.   Good for: Solo dining, casual dinner a deux, and anyone willing to hold out for worth-the-wait sushi. Larger groups may actually be spared the long queue for the mostly walk-in meritocracy if you can reserve the…
NYC Nami Nori
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A New York Minute with Celebrity Makeup Artist Nam Vo

If you’ve ever been on something called Instagram, chances are  you’ve heard of makeup artist Nam Vo, and her “glow jobs”.  Get your mind out of the gutter; we mean Nam’s signature technique of brushing highlighter across your cheekbones to make you an ethereally luminescent goddess. She’s worked with everyone from Kylie Jenner, to Rosie Huntington-Whitley to Chrissy Teigen, but it’s all “dumplings”…

The Best Carrot Cake Recipe – And It’s Vegan

My favorite cake ever since I was a kid has been carrot. I attribute it to the Saturday trips my family and I would take to the Sara Lee store, when I was growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. After payday, my parents would go there to stock up on bakery goods and let my brother and I pick…
Food Carrot Cake Cut

It’s Virtual Party Time

These are extraordinary times. In the current climate, traditional parties as we know them are on hold, but you can still throw a fun celebration that birthday boys and girls are sure to remember for oh-so-many reasons. Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help. (more…)
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Top Summer Getaways in the US

You’ve been reliving Groundhog Day for the past two months, and it’s time to change up the scenery. Your summer weekend-turned-pandemic house is grand, but it would be nice to get away for a real vacation. And to clarify for your boss, just because you’ve been working from home doesn’t mean you’ve been on vacation. Time to check out and…
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