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Scandal's Scott Foley
August 2, 2017

By Hilary Sheinbaum, Celebrity Editor

We grew up with Scott Foley – watching classics like Felicity, Dawson’s Creek and Scream 3. But, now, the married father of three has a different role – as dad. In addition to his fatherhood-related responsibilities, the Scandal actor finds time for fitness and good food in Los Angeles, where his family lives. 

In fact, in order to maintain his muscles, on Aug. 12 and 13, Foley will participate in first-ever Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in LA, alongside Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Of course, the TV star hits the gym while he’s on the road, but it’s no secret traveling is more difficult with a full entourage of children. Each summer, Foley, along with his wife and kids, participate in a camp in Vermont each year. As for future trips, he has a few in mind – including his wife’s home country and touring the United States, too.

Read on for out one-on-one interview about the actor’s favorite LA restaurants, DC hotspots and more 

What are your favorite restaurants in LA? 

With three little kids, our restaurant list has narrowed substantially! We cook at home often or get take-out, as it's just easier. However, when we do eat out we have a few favorite places. My wife and I love sushi, and Los Angeles is filled with great sushi places. We like Sugarfish and Shibuya  ̶ Sugarfish being excellent and easy, we usually order from there. If we have an evening to ourselves, heading down to Sawtelle is a favorite thing to do. We recently ate at Plain Check. The food was amazing. We sat at a communal table, talked to our neighbors, ate a fried chicken sandwich, had a beer, and loved it!       

Is it difficult to stay in shape in LA?

It's both easier and harder than you'd think to stay in shape in LA doing what I do. It's easier, because we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be fit, and look good. But also, there is food everywhere – events with food, sets with food, and the best restaurants in the world. It can be really tough to maintain that healthy lifestyle. But, we have access to some of the best trainers in the world, gyms are everywhere, as are amazing hiking and biking trails. It's also easier because, being in this business, you're always aware of fitness, of staying in shape, of being camera ready.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle in LA?

I have a small home gym that I utilize on a regular basis when I need to fit in a workout and don't have time to make it to Gunnar Peterson's gym or to go for a bike ride or hike. If time permits, the Santa Monica mountains are right outside my house, and I'll always choose to go for a run or bike ride there. I also started Jiu Jitsu a few months ago and am obsessed. It's a great cardio and strength workout, and at the same time, engages a different part of my brain, and I love it. I've worked with a few trainers over the years – Gunnar Peterson, Jason Walsh, etc. Working with a trainer, even if it's just once or twice a week, is a really great option for me. They push me harder and utilize different exercises and machines.

Do you have a favorite hotel gym while traveling? 

I travel enough and work out regularly enough that I'm able to get a pretty decent workout almost anywhere I go. I was recently in Charleston shooting a movie and stayed at the Dewberry downtown. Their gym was small but had the basics and combining that with the climate and a beautiful city to run in, I was able to keep my routine intact.

Scandal takes place in D.C., even though you film in LA. What are your favorite places to go to in DC? 

It's funny. Before Scandal, I'd never been to DC! It's hard to believe, I know. We had the opportunity to attend the Presidential Correspondents’ Dinner a few times, and while we were there, I had the chance to wander a little bit. There is so much to see, so much history there. I'm afraid that my list probably reads like most others; Lincoln Memorial, White House, etc. but we found Art Smith's restaurant Art and Soul. We go there for brunch on the weekends and the food is amazing. The staff is so kind. Art spent some time with us at our table, directed us through the menu. It's a really hospitable place.

Where did you last travel for vacation? 

We just returned from a three-week vacation on the east coast visiting family. New Jersey, then Vermont. We really love the East Coast and New England. Each summer we attend a family camp in Vermont, and it's become our favorite places to travel. With children as young as ours are, traveling is tough and taking three kids on vacation usually is no vacation.

Where will your next travels take you? 

We're looking forward to a few years from now when we can show them the world. My wife is Polish. She has a lot of family in Poland, and though we’ve taken the kids there before, they were really young. It was a hard trip, and they have no memory of it. We'd love to do that again, coupled with a larger European vacation. My dream, however is to buy a motorhome and spend the summer driving around the country. I think that there is so much to see here in the States, and the best way to see it is on a classic road trip. That's going to happen!