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Luxury Travel Dubai

Top Places to Travel 2014 - Dubai
January 6, 2014
By , Your Working Jet Set Travel Experts


Good For:  Couples, your entourage, families, business and single travelers looking to be in the lap of over-the-top luxury. 

Why Now:  As a destination, Dubai is once again on the rise. Building development has resumed at a frantic pace and business is booming. If you are doing any transactions or fundraising in the Middle East, Dubai is where you’ll likely be meeting that sovereign fund investor. This city is the epitome of luxury with the greatest number of Hermes Birkins per capita. Luxury hotels are opening at a faster than you can say “room service,” most recently with the Oberoi. And for just a little longer, Dubai has the distinction of having the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The Burj can also add most luxurious to its list of superlatives. With the Armani Hotel in residence, trendy restaurants, luxury condos and a prime view of the city, this is where the elite of Dubai converge.