Where to Eat in Panama City

Abigail Hanley, Staff Writer


This unexpected spot in Latin America is an insider foodie destination. Panama City was originally a stopover on the way to a private island in the country but turns out that it has restaurants worthy to make that stopover just a little bit longer. With 3 of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World, there’s even more to discover on your foodie weekend when in town. Here are our favorite picks for where to eat in Panama City.

A to Z Chef's Table
A to Z Chefs Table

There’s fashion forward, and in the case of A to Z Chefs Table, there’s food forward. A to Z is one of the most inventive and adventurous tasting menus in Panama City today.


A to Z Chef’s Table is often referred to as the best-kept secret in Panama City. It’s the perfect destination for high-end, interesting food served tasting menu-style in a casual atmosphere. Chef Ariel Zebede serves creative and intricate Panamanian dishes to guests seated around the main table, where you enjoy 10-12 courses with wine pairings.

Address: Casa Perez Aleman. Avenida A entre calle 7 y, 8, Panama

Cantina Del Tigre
Cantina Del Tigre

Cantina Del Tigre is the place to go when you want the best ceviche in Panama City. Chef Fulvio Miranda opened the restaurant in 2022 after owning a successful food truck for many years.


Chef Miranda serves up traditional Panamanian dishes with an original twist. The menu includes mainly ceviche, but also several unique dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. Chef Miranda even includes vegetarian options for those who prefer to skip meat and seafood.

Address: PLAZA CENTENARIO, C. 68 East, Panama, Panama Province, Panama



Maito is an award-winning multicultural dining experience. Chef Mario Castrellón is well-known for his ability to fuse Panamanian dishes with cuisine from all corners of the world, including Chinese. A number of countries had their hands in the construction of the Panama Canal, and that’s most evident in the influence of the food at Maito.


Maito’s cuisine is classic, yet inventive. Chef Castrellón’s dishes are inspired by Asian and Caribbean cuisine, with a strong Panamanian influence of course. The restaurant is consistently one of the top meals in Panama City where you would return every trip.

Address: 50, Panamá, Provincia de Panamá, Panama

Fonda Lo Que Hay

Fonda Lo Que Hay

Fonda Lo Que Hay is Brooklyn cool. It’s the perfect place to eat in Panama City’s old quarter. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it. This place is the real deal.


Fonda Lo Que Hay’s menu puts a spin on many classic Panamanian dishes. The cuisine is approachable, fun, and delicious. Although most dishes are meat-based, the menu also includes vegetarian,  pescatarian, and gluten-free options for guests with dietary restrictions. 

Address: Old Town, Panama City, Jose Obaldia Street, El Colegio Building, Ground Floor.


Masi Restaurant

Masi is located inside the JW Marriott. If you’re seeking an elevated dining experience on a terrace with a view, this is the place to go.


Masi’s ceviche would make a local Peruvian proud. The restaurant is known for making even their more simple menu items unique and tops in execution. The desserts are rich and decadent, which is reason enough to stop in for a bite.

Address: Cl. Punta Colón 22502-02, Panamá, Provincia de Panamá, Panama

Intimo Restaurante

Intimo is a restaurant masquerading as a residential house. Chef Carlos Alba has managed to create an intimate yet cool atmosphere where guests can feel right at home. This is all while enjoying some of the best cuisine in Panama. It is a perfect environment for couples to squeeze in a date night.


Chef Alba strongly believes in a rule called “90Diez” or 90/10. This means that 90% of all produce he serves is locally sourced. Their dishes are rich, and no one will need a slice of pizza afterward. 

Address: East 72nd Street San Francisco

Amano Panama

In the mood to drink your dinner? Amano is the place to go. The atmosphere is relaxed, and just plain fun.


Known for their top cocktails, Amano can mix up almost any drink for you. Additionally, their menu includes plenty of comfort food recognizable to American travelers. (Not to mention some of the best French onion dip you’ll ever have.)

Address: Calle 76 Este, Panama City, Panamá Province, Panama

Sisu Coffee Panama City

Sisu Coffee Studio

Sisu Coffee Studio is your destination for enjoying some of the best coffee in the world. The coffee beans are fair-trade and of the highest quality. A single cup of this coffee runs about $60 outside of Panama, so it’s a great idea to grab one during your visit.


Locals know Sisu as the best coffee shop in all of Panama. The studio is staffed by expert baristas who take coffee very seriously. Tourists often praise the “geisha” as Sisu’s best menu item, so if you stop by, remember to try it out yourself.

Address: Calle 9na Y, Av. B, Panama City, Panama

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