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Buenos Aires Luxury Travel

The Buenos Aires Guide
July 9, 2014


Thank you to the gorgeous Rosario Hubert for her local and insider recommendations.  Rosario was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and has been living in the United States while studying at Harvard.  She frequently returns home to visit family, friends and enjoy the best that Buenos Aires has to offer.

When the lights turn off, Buenos Aires turns on. A nocturnal city where the cultural activities are 10pm dinners and partying until the sun comes up, Argentines know that the best things happen after dark. And on the dance floor.

Good For: Couples and large groups of friends. South Americans travel in packs, so bring your own entourage. This is not a good city for solo travelers.

The Highlights: 

  • Wandering the San Telmo markets on a Sunday, shopping for antiques, drinking mate, and watch the locals break out in spontaneous tango.
  • Engaging in the ritual of 10pm dinners with what seems like unlimited red meat and red wine.
  • Staying out all night, which includes not arriving at Pacha or Club Museum until the witching hour of 2am.
  • Gorging yourself over a proper three-hour lunch at Cabaña Las Lilas.
  • Palermo window-shopping, but breaking out the credit card to do some real damage in Recoleta.
  • Attending a tango show, and then dirty dancing at the milongas, the underground tango clubs.

What to Know: If your idea of a good time is quiet nights with smooth jazz playing in the background, BA is not for you. Buenos Aires is all about enjoying life through eating, drinking, and dancing. Like Cyndi Lauper, Argentines just wanna have fun. To do up BA right, let loose with the beautiful locals and allow yourself a few days of self-indulgence.  



  • Cabaña Las Lilas
  • Casa Cruz
  • Cluny
  • El Cuartito
  • La Brigada
  • La Cabrera
  • La Salamandra
  • Sagardi
  • Piegari
  • Sottovoce
  • Tegui (Palermo - very trendy)
  • La Bourgogne (Alvear Palace Hotel)
  • El Mirasol (great meat)
  • El Mercado (Faena Hotel – Puerto Madero)
  • Cabaña Las Lilas (great meat)
  • Pieggari (Italian food)
  • Palacio Duhau (Park Hyatt) (tea time at the garden)
  • Azul Profundo (great sushi)
  • Jardín Japonés (great sushi)
  • Pizza Cero
  • Los Inmortales
  • Tomo I: ranked No1 in BA; not good ambiance but excellent food.
  • Oviedo
  • Sucre (Palermo)
  • Aldos (restaurant and vinery)
  • Bo-Bo (Palermo)
  • Astrid & Gaston (Palermo – Peruvian)
  • Casa Cruz: I love it, very trendy.
  • Sipan (Japanese – Peruvian)
  • Osaka (Japanese – Peruvian, you should make reservations at least 3 days in advance – Puerto Madero)
  • Olsen (brunch – weekend)
  • Munich (in Recoleta) for everyday good quality food
  • Fervor (Posadas between Callao and Ayacucho) meat and fish
  • San Juanino (tipical empanadas) – right next to Fervor
  • Paru (Palermo) – the new version of Osaka
  • Sotto Voce – near Patio Bullrich – Italian
  • Petanque (San Telmo) for French bistro
  • Nectarine (on Vicente Lopez, near Recoleta)
  • Magendie (organic food)
  • Sirop (in the same alley as Nectarine)
  • "Tea" in the Alvear Palace Hotel
  • Ice creams: Volta, Persicco or Freddo


  • 9 de Julio Avenue (and the Obelisco)
  • San Telmo neighborhood (the best day to go is Sunday; there is a huge flee market at Defensa street)
  • Puerto Madero (modern neighborhood - should go for a couple of drinks to Faena Hotel & Universe, very kitsch)
  • Museo de Bellas Artes (Libertador avenue)
  • Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (Malba) (Figueroa Alcorta avenue)
  • bis. "La Flor" (a huge flower at Libertador avenue, walking distance from Museo de Bellas Artes)
  • Museo de Arte Decorativo (Libertador 1902)
  • Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada
  • Museo de Evita Perón (Palermo) (there is an amazing restaurant at the patio of the museum, pasta is highly recommended)
  • Recoleta Cementery
  • Mercado de Frutos (El Tigre - this is the place at the delta; a bit far: take a taxi or arrange a tour)
  • Plaza San Martín and Florida street.
  • Museo Isaac Fernandez Blanco (Colonial) (in Suipacha 1422 and Libertador avenue)
  • Teatro Colón (Avenida 9 de Julio)
  • Museo Fortabat (private collection – Puerto Madero)
  • Faena Art Center (amazing installations! – Puerto Madero)
  • Mercado de Pulgas (flea market – weekend – Palermo)
  • Centro Cultural PROA (La Boca)
  • Caminito (La Boca)


  • Belushi
  • Congo
  • Godoy
  • Milion
  • Club Museum
  • Pacha
  • Thelonious
  • Unico (Palermo - Honduras 5604)
  • Jackie O
  • Modena
  • Museo Renault
  • Te Mataré Ramirez (very cool bar, restaurant)
  • El 365 (Jazz)
  • El Gorriti (Jazz)
  • El Gallo Para Esculapio (Jazz)


  • Confitería Ideal. Suipacha 384 (nostalgic)
  • El Gato Negro. Corrientes 1669 (eclectic)
  • La Biela. Quintana 600 (elegant)
  • Las Violetas. Rivadavia 3899
  • Café Tortoni. Avenida De Mayo 825/29 (most famous one; Gardel, Borges and others were habitués)
  • La Poesia. Chile 502
  • Petit Colon. Libertad 505
  • Bar del Hotel Alvear. Alvear 1891 (chic).
  • El Preferido de Palermo. Jorge Luis Borges 2108.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

  • Tequila
  • Isabel
  • Ferona (casual)
  • Franks
  • Oasis Club (VERY cool private club – need to be invited by a member)


  • Esquina Carlos Gardel. Pasaje Carlos Gardel, 3200, Abasto. Tel. 48676363.
  • Madero Tango. Ave. A. m. De Justo. Puerto Madero. Tel. 52393009.
  • Rojo Tango. Faena Hotel. Puerto Madero. Tel. 57871536.
  • El Viejo Almacen. Ave. Independencia/Balcarce, San Telmo. Tel. 43076689.
  • Café de los Angelitos. Ave. Rivadavia & Rincón. Tel. 49522320.
  • Piazzolla Tango
  • Señor Tango (very famous but very touristic)


  • Breeders – gorgeous furs
  • Giesso – Stylish, preppy men’s and women’s clothing
  • De Maria – An icon in shoe design
  • Etiqueta Negra -
  • Tealosophy
  • Casa Lopez  - (around the corner from Sobek or Patio Bullrich – High quality leather purses, wallets, jackets, belts; carpincho gloves and purses)
  • Charles Calfun (leather and fur)
  • Pallarols (best silver craftsmen in town, San Telmo – Defensa 1039)
  • Aracano (cool jewelry and decoration objects)
  • Cardon (leather and clothing).
  • Sobek (Florida street (near the Plaza Hotel) – Carpincho boots, jackets, purses; suede driving shoes; belts)
  • Rossi and Caruso (Posadas 1385 at Rodriguez Pena --near Patio Bullrich-- fine leather purses, jackets and shoes; also all riding equipment)
  • Guido’s (shoes for both men and women (great loafers))
  • Carpincho (Esmeralda close to Cordoba avenue– for all kinds of gloves, carpincho, leather, wool)
  • Perez Sanz (Posadas between Montevideo and Rodriguez Pena or between Rodriguez Pena and Callao – very high-end belts, purses and shawls)
  • Humawaka (Posadas between Rodiguez Pena and Montevideo – colorful leather bags, such as computer bags, shopping totes, etc. - also located in Palermo Soho).
  • Arandu (Ayacucho between Alvear and Quintana – polo equipment, jackets, espadrilles, shoes, alpaca frames and other local “souveniers”)
  • Filia (Rodriguez Pena between Posadas and Libertador – everything brought  from the province of Salta, such as alpaca frames, bowls, plates as well as old Indian blankets, fabric shoes)

Trendy/Design Clothes (Palermo)

  • Baltasar - Gorriti 5131
  • Nadine Zlotogora - El Salvador 4638
  • Humawaca - El Salvador 4692
  • Lupe - El Salvador 4657
  • Mishka - El Salvador 4673
  • Cora Groppo - El Salvador 4696
  • Jazmín Chebar - El Salvador 4702
  • María Cher - El Salvador 4724
  • María Marta Facchinelli -  El Salvador  4741
  • Varanasi - El Salvador 4761
  • Spina - Gorriti 5887
  • Book Stores
  • El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Santa Fe 1860
  • Libreria Gandhi, Corrientes 1743 (between Callao and Rodriguez Peña).

General shopping areas:

  • Santa Fe avenue (between Callao and Cerrito) and Alvear avenues (upper scale)
    Patio Bullrich (very exclusive shopping centre)
    Alto Palermo (Coronel Díaz and Santa Fe)
  • Paseo Alcorta (Figueroa Alcorta and Salguero)
  • Galerías Pacífico (in Peatonal Florida – beautiful building, the Centro Cultural Borges, a modern art center, is also located there)
  • Palermo Hollywood (trendy brands in Buenos Aires).