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Chef Curtis Stone

Thanksgiving with Chef Curtis Stone
November 24, 2013
By , Celebrity Contributor

Chef Curtis Stone just joined ABC’s The Chew, which is based in New York City. Thanks to this relocation, Stone will now have plenty of time to explore the Big Apple with his wife, the actress Lindsay Price. We caught up with the Aussie – who is a fan of watching his favorite Netflix shows while cooking up a storm – to discuss his Thanksgiving plans, family, and his favorite NYC restaurants.

Galavante: Lindsay is American, and you’re Australian – how do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Curtis Stone: To add one more spatter, her mom is Korean. So, there’s a kind of a Korean attitude towards Thanksgiving as well. We celebrate, of course, here in the States. Her mom usually makes something Korean, which is a nice touch. Some kimchi or whatever, but otherwise the meal is pretty traditional American: a big roasted turkey. It’s a new holiday for me. It’s a great one. I love it.

Galavante: Any unique Thanksgiving traditions?

Curtis Stone: What they do, which is really special, is they have a big jar of black-eyed peas, and then they have this little bottle that looks like it came out of a genie’s bag. You take a black-eyed pea and you pop it in the bottle and tell the table what you’re thankful for. Then you pass it around. So, this keeps going around and around the table, the whole way through Thanksgiving dinner. If you ever sit down and write out what you’re thankful for in life, even just verbalize it – my job, the food I eat – by the end of Thanksgiving dinner, you’re running around, giving everyone a hug. It’s so much nicer than sitting around exchanging gifts. It allows you to be more family-oriented.

Galavante: What are your favorite restaurants in New York City?

Curtis Stone: Torrisi is probably my favorite. I’ve got a different restaurant for every occasion. If it’s fancy, fancy, fancy, it’s Per Se. I love it. I still like ABC Kitchen. I ate at NoMad recently, which was very good. I also ate at Jean-Georges because I was staying at the Trump International Hotel and that was good. Yakitori Totto.

Galavante: What else do you like to do in NYC?

Curtis Stone: It sort of depends on why I’m here and who I’m with. If I’m with Lindsay – she’s a New York girl from L.A. – she’ll show me something that’s more cultured and beautiful. I’ll show her something that’s more restaurant-y or nightclubby. We have fun together. We’re here with Hudson this trip, so we spend a lot of time in the park together. There’s incredible shopping. I love this city.

(Photo courtesy of Netflix and Curtis Stone)