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Off The Cuff with Galavante: Top Hotels for Romance

Welcome to Galavante’s new podcast, Off The Cuff with Galavante. We are a different kind of travel podcast. Yes, we talk travel. Of course we talk food. And you can’t talk food without bringing up restaurants, chefs, and cooking techniques. We even get some guest chefs to spill all their secrets; we’re that good. Hosted by comedian Regina DeCicco and Galavante Founder Christine Drinan, you have a duo that will make you laugh you a— off, while exploring the world. Welcome to Off The Cuff with Galavante — the best travel podcast out there.

Who’s Regina DeCicco?

Regina, one of the funniest people around, is a comedian by day and avid traveler and foodie all other times. She even makes Whoopi Goldberg laugh as her warm-up comedian on the View. When she’s not hosting Off The Cuff with Galavante, she’s all over town doing her stand-up gigs at Gotham and other clubs in NYC. With Regina, you are guaranteed a laugh.

Resident Travel Expert Christine Drinan

If you’re on this website, chances are you know our Founder, Christine Drinan. She’s the person who left her job in finance at the Blackstone Group eleven years ago to start Galavante. Everyone thought she was having a psychotic break with reality to pursue her dream of building the best travel company out there. But things have worked out OK. Christine co-hosts with Regina to bring you her expertise from over 130 countries and 800+ luxury hotels around the world. You can say she knows a little about travel.

The Dynamic Duo

What do you get when you combine a top travel expert with a woman who makes Whoopi Goldberg laugh on The View? You get the best travel podcast, that’s what. Christine and Regina will give you the real download on hotels. The best restaurants. Where to travel now. And pretty much all the good things in life.

Episode I – Top Hotels for Valentine’s Day

The kick-off episode comes out around Valentine’s Day, so Christine shares the top 5 most romantic hotels. In these spots, you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time. Because come on guys: we can tell you where to go, but you do have to bring it to the finish line yourself. We are podcast hosts, not miracle workers. So let’s have a good time. Welcome to the best travel podcast out there — Off The Cuff with Galavante.

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