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We know you love to talk travel.   Expect fascinating guests from all over the globe.  Interesting topics.  And of course all the best places to travel.

The 195 is your exclusive ticket across the world. Christine Drinan is on her way to being one of the few people to visit all 195 countries. She takes us through all of her luxurious adventures with her charismatic personality and joyful spirit.


Episode #9: What It’s Like to Travel During a Global Pandemic

Today, Christine gives us tips on what it’s like to travel at a time when COVID is still on everyone’s mind. She’s been on 18 flights in the last 7 months (since COVID began) and has over a dozen booked for the rest of the year. But, she’s smart about how she travels and shares her experiences with us. Plus, Christine gives us some of her top tips for traveling both internationally and domestically in a way that’s safe for everyone.

Episode #8: Laying Low in Jackson Hole

In this episode, Christine tells us about Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She discusses how the state is a beautiful combination of luxury and nature; how this destination is the perfect getaway during these stressful times; and how Wyoming has always been ahead of its time. You may not be able to travel internationally yet, but Jackson Hole is the perfect place to lay low this fall.

Episode #7: Guest Lecturing in Afghanistan

Today, we speak with Christine about guest lecturing at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). Visiting a country that we’ve been at war with for nearly 20 years can be nerve-wracking. And coming to teach a course on entrepreneurship in a country where women’s rights are nearly non-existent didn’t help. But Christine talks to us about falling in love with the university, the students, and how she hopes we can all help the campus thrive. We encourage you to visit the website for the American University of AfghanistanAnd if you would like to donate, you can do so here:

Episode #6: Exploring Guyana

In this episode, Christine talks to us about Guyana in South America. She talks about the complexities of its rich culture, and how Guyana is poised to become one of the hottest destinations in over the next few years. Though, if you go today, you’ll need to be prepared. Christine shares how Georgetown, Guyana’s capital, is one of the most unsafe places to visit. But she also gives us insider tips as to how to navigate your way through Georgetown when you inevitably find yourself there on business.

Episode #5: Moldova

In this episode, Christine takes us to Moldova. She tells us about the wine, the food, the architecture, and the rich history of this beautiful country.

Episode #4: Gyms on Generators, Great Food, and Popup Hotels in Sierra Leone

Today, Christine takes us to Sierra Leone where she tells us what it’s like to build a popup luxury hotel in one of the poorest regions in the world. She takes us through preparing for the arrival of a celebrity and his team to fight for a worthy cause. Finally, we get to hear about the culture, the food, and about overcoming gender stereotypes to get the job done.

Episode #3: Old Friends With Brand New Style

Today Christine takes us to Slovenia where we talk about food, wine, and traveling with old friends… but in a totally new way. Join us as we discuss one of the most enticing cultures we’ve ever explored.

Episode #2: Sleeping Above the Clouds in Bhutan With Guest Ubah Hassan

In this episode, Christine sits down with the international supermodel, Ubah Hassan. They tell us about an amazing trip they took together to Bhutan, why it’s important to choose the right travel buddy, and what it’s like to eat dinner with royalty.

Episode #1: Lockdown Episode

We never thought our inaugural season would be kicked off by a global pandemic, but we got you covered with your top survival tips, while you’re staying at home.

You may not be hopping on a plane this week, or this month, or even until the end of the year. But if you can dream it, we’ve been there with extraordinary people, who will share their window of the world.

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