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Josh Lucas is a busy man. This fall, he stars with Kate Bosworth and Jean-Marc Barr in the film Big Sur, based on the Jack Kerouac novel of the same name. In 2014, he has several more films in the works including Dear Eleanor with Jessica Alba and Little Accidents with Elizabeth Banks. But his ultimate joy is playing dad to his 15-month-old son, Noah, with wife Jessica. “From day one, it’s the most amazing thing. I will go sleepless and die for this child. It’s magical,” Lucas has said of fatherhood. The actor recently found time to co-host the opening of Montblanc’s newest boutique on Madison Avenue.

Galavante talked to the actor about some of his great passions.

Galavante: You live in New York. What New York rituals do you love?

Josh Lucas: I have many favorite things in New York. I’m a huge fan of the Central Park Summer Series and the Philharmonic. I always find that the most beautiful things to do in the city are those that are free for to the public.

Galavante: That’s wonderful! What else do you like to do here?

Josh Lucas: Do you know the blue lights in front of the World Trade Center by Battery Park? There’s nothing better than the beautiful light walk that you can do at night. It’s totally romantic. I find it weird that in one of the busiest cities on earth, it’s a place that is often entirely empty and quiet. There’s so much quiet right in front of that extraordinary energy.

Also, I have a bike and a bike seat. And, my son and I are on the green paths of the city everyday. It’s how we get around. There’s nothing better than the bike path on the Manhattan Bridge. That’s an amazing place. In fact, my son’s first words were “bike ride.” I think it’s because I put him on a little bike seat early on and he was mesmerized by the idea that he could go through the city at such a high speed and take in so much.

Galavante: So we’re at the opening of the Montblanc boutique on Madison Avenue. Do you remember the first Montblanc item you received?

Josh Lucas: The first Montblanc I ever got was astonishing. The director Wolfgang Petersen and Warner Bros. gave me a Montblanc Meisterstück Star Chronograph Automatic watch. I had chosen that watch for Poseidon, the film that we were doing. And it was a watch I wore throughout filming. And it got terribly, terribly banged up. At the end of the film, I thought, I wish I had not destroyed one of these. To this day, I’ve never been given a gift quite like that. There is an artistry and artfulness to the brand. The watch is something that, without a doubt, I can give to my son.

Interview by Jeryl Brunner

(Photo courtesy of Getty)

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