Around Town with Jennifer Esposito

By Hilary Sheinbaum, Galavante Contributor

Jennifer Esposito

When Actress Jennifer Esposito goes on vacation, she’s packs a few important things. On her list are some gluten free snacks, gluten-free beauty products and a gluten-free pot. Yes, cookware. Sometimes she even sneaks gluten-free bread into restaurants in her designer purse. (We’re not kidding.)

In between baking delicious goodies and jetsetting at the Éclair Naturals Launch Event, the 44-year-old sat down and opened up to us about how she still enjoys eating, despite being Celiac.

The Brooklyn-born star might be best known for starring in Spin City, Summer of Sam, or I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, but the Jennifer’s Way Bakery owner is an author and a world traveler, too.

Galavante: Where are your favorite places to eat in New York?

Jennifer Esposito: I love Little Beet Table. There’s a place called Senza Gluten, which is another purely gluten-free place. My bakery, of course: Jennifer’s Way Bakery [in East Village]. I love going into Juice Press and grabbing a juice. There are so many great places. I love ABC Kitchen and any place that does farm-to-table. I love all that stuff.

Galavante: What’s your favorite dish at ABC Kitchen?

Jennifer Esposito: The lobster that they make is wonderful. They make a beautiful portobello celery oil. It’s just so simple — delicious.

Galavante: Where are your favorite places in the city to spend a spa day?

Jennifer Esposito: It’s called Aire [in TriBeCa]. I’ve been there three times since three weeks ago. I fell in love with that place. I literally sit there by myself for two hours and don’t do anything. That place is fantastic. You rub that beautiful salt on you in that flotation tank — that’s insane. I love it there.

Galavante: When you’re home or traveling, Éclair Naturals is a beauty must-have for you. How come?

Jennifer Esposito: It’s a really pure brand. To have something certified gluten free is a huge component.  

Galavante: Where did you travel last?

Jennifer Esposito: I went to Miami for my birthday with a group of friends. I needed a vacation after the vacation. It was just pure, silly, fun. We had just a blast. I needed to just get away for a few days. It was great. Really fun.

Galavante: Where will your travels take you next?

Jennifer Esposito: I’m actually going to go to Denmark for the first time. A friend of mine is there. I’m excited. I’m going for a week. He’s from there. It’s going to be fun — I’m thrilled.

Galavante: Have you found it difficult to be gluten free while traveling?

Jennifer Esposito: It’s tricky but I’ve learned. I also have a pot, a traveling pot, that I flew in from Japan. There are people who travel with a whole suitcase of stuff. I don’t go there, but I definitely bring my bread to restaurants. I bring my Chanel bag and I pull out a loaf of bread. No joke. My traveling pot plugs into any outlet in the world. That little pot is freedom for me.

Galavante: What are the easiest countries to travel to while being gluten free?

Jennifer Esposito: If you go to England, everyone speaks the language! You’ve got that on your side, but the labeling is different.

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