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You work hard for your family. From the time you dialed for dollars for that private pre-school application, to waking at 5am every Saturday when your child decided they wanted to be a hockey player, there’s pretty much nothing you won’t do for your kids. But what if there was something that would enrich their experiences, that wasn’t so excruciatingly painful for you?

Welcome to safari, the ultimate family vacation. Recommended for kids who are a mature 8 and older, there’s nothing like connecting with nature and animals in Africa. Most of us wait a lifetime to have this experience, but your kids – they’re advanced.

We interviewed safari experts Adam and Alan Brown, of dmAfrica, who have been on hundreds of safaris through their family business. Safari is their passion. They gave us their Top 5. As for those 5am wake-up calls, for some reason, they’re not so difficult when you’re on safari – especially at these spots.

1.      Molori Safari Lodge

Molori is malaria-free, and consistently recognized as one of Southern Africa’s most prestigious luxury lodges. The five suites can accommodate large family groups, and the gourmet chefs are always whipping up delicious meals for all ages. The lodge comes with unique junior ranger programs to entertain younger children, as well as a relaxing spa for the parents. Molori is also easily accessible via private charters or helicopters from Johannesburg, or other locations to the airstrip.


2.      Royal Malewane

Royal Malewane is passionate about introducing the next generation to nature at an early age, and is eager for children to join their young ranger program. This is the former family home of the Biden family, who founded the Royal Portfolio. They wanted to make sure that children had access to the same experiences they had growing up. Africa House is a private residence with six bedrooms, which is ideal for children of all ages, as well as large families and groups of friends. The latest Royal Malewane accommodation is The Homestead, which is a three-and-a-half-bedroom Farmhouse Villa that opened on May 1st of this year.


3.      Arijiju Retreat

Arijiju is often described as the most beautiful house in Africa. It is not just a safari: it’s a wellness retreat. As a family home, it has the ideal setup for large family groups, with breathtaking views of Mount Kenya in a malaria-free part of Northern Kenya. With a 40,000-hectare conservation area filled with wildlife, families are also able to head up to the more rugged parts of Northern Kenya by helicopter for the day, and zoom through some of the most remote parts of the conservation area on quadbikes. Arijiju is accessible by private charters to airstrips close by, or by helicopter from Nairobi.


4.      Cottar’s

Originally built to be the Cottar family home, the Bush Villa at Cottar’s lends itself wonderfully to large families and groups of friends. Regarded as the luxury bush villa in the Masai Mara, this award-winning five-bedroom villa is separated from the main camp, and is self-contained with its own swimming pool and access to a private vehicle. Located close to the border of the Serengeti and Masai Mara, the area is not only filled with wildlife, but is also available for bush walks and night drives. It is operated alongside one of the finest guide teams in Africa who are always eager to pass down their knowledge and passion for the area to younger generations. Cottar’s is accessible by private charters to the Cottar’s airstrip, located in close proximity to the Keekorok airstrip.


5.      Ol Jogi

This 24,000-hectare area close to Mount Kenya is another playground for families that’s rich with wildlife, with endless options to keep the family entertained. You don’t just get a retreat: you get a whole ranch. Ol Jogi is set within a rocky outcrop with spectacular scenery any way you look, and equipped with a huge pool and beautiful private outdoor areas. Here, you can enjoy helicopter flights, quad biking, off-roading designed especially for 4×4’s, rock climbing, and a myriad of other activities that are tailored to the whole family. Access is by private charters to the airstrip close by, or by helicopter from

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