Maison Hudson

Abhilash Jayachandra, Editor

Maison Hudson

When you have hotels in Paris, London, the Cap Ferrat, Courchevel, and St. Barths, you’re clearly going for a certain crowd of travelers. Your portfolio isn’t complete though unless you have New York City, which just joined the C Collection. This isn’t your regular hotel though, and especially if you’re a local you need to know it now.

The C Collection

Before we get into Maison Hudson, its parent company is the C Collection, a relatively new group of private residence hotels and villas. The overall theme of the C is contemporary chic with a classic edge that attracts the international jet-set crowd. With locations from Paris to St. Barths, Courchevel, the Cap Ferrat, and London, it’s certainly a particular group you’ll expect to find at the C. The Paris property, Maison Villeroy, is the closest in concept of the portfolio to a boutique hotel. Maison Villeroy has just eleven rooms that range from about 300+ square feet and up to 1200 square feet. Room rates start at about a relatively reasonable 1,000 euros and go up from there. There’s a Michelin-starred restaurant by Sebastian Sanjou and a private member’s club, but more on that later. The other properties in St. Barths, the Cap Ferrat, London, and Courchevel are private homes that rack up anywhere from 45,000 euros/week to 200,000 euros/week.

Maison Hudson

So knowing the background on the C Collection properties, Maison Hudson is the latest to join the crew. It’s unique from its sibling properties because it’s a long-term stay serviced residence; the minimum stay is 30 days. Located right on the Hudson River in the West Village, Maison Hudson has ten residential apartments. They run from one bedroom at around 1,000 square feet and up to three-bedroom apartments at 2,200 or so square feet. Some units also have terraces. The nut for Maison Hudson ranges from the mid-thirties for the month up to $100,000.

The Intuisse Spa + Extras

Intuisse, the brand new Swiss beauty brand at the top of the NAD+ trend, has opened its first spa at Maison Hudson. In addition to facials and massages, they go beyond skin deep and also offer IV drips. There’s a full-service gym with trainers and a Tisanerie for those who are into bespoke teas. Similar to the Parisian outpost, there will be a French restaurant in residence.

The Circle Membership

Speaking of the Parisian outpost, it all comes full circle with their private membership for non-guests. The Circle Membership gives you privileges at the New York and Paris locations. If you gain entry, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to the $200k+ at the other new private clubs in NYC. Initiation is $1,500 and annual dues are $5,000. We haven’t checked out the scene yet but will come back with a full report on the vibe.

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