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A lot of you are hitting the road this summer, we suggest you follow the food. Why not have some of the country’s best shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes and Frito pie? After all, when in America.  These are the best restaurants for home cooking in the good old U.S.A.

The Restaurant:  The Olde Pink House

The Locale:  Savannah, Georgia

The Dish:  Fried Jalapeno Mac and Cheese Bites

Just when you think Mac and Cheese can’t get any better, The Old Pink House deep fries the heck out of it.  Yes, it’s worth it, and it’s the reason why Pink House is firmly one of the best places for home cooking.  The experience is only elevated in the charming old house, on this quintessential Charleston tree-lined street.  The Pink House just oozes the deep South.

The Restaurant:  Five and Dime General Store

The Locale:  Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Dish:  Frito Pie

Santa Fe is a treasure trove destination in the U.S., and has some of the best cuisine and best restaurants for home cooking.  We are going to preface the frito pie that it’s more of a rite of passage when you’re in the region.  This is really a bag of corn chips filled with homemade chili, onions and cheese. The recommendation is an homage to Anthony Bourdain, who had the Five and Dime on his list.  And this is really a five and dime store, where the takeout counter is located in the back of the shop.  You saddle up to the counter and eat the iconic comfort food of the region out of a Fritos bag.  It’s as New Mexico as it gets.

The Restaurant:  Magnolia’s

The Locale:  Charleston, South Carolina

The Dish:  Shrimp & Grits

We just need to know how they get those grits so creamy.  There have been many an opening in Charleston, as you know they have good Southern food.  But the standby that has staying power is Magnolia’s.  This is the consistent spot for good, elevated Southern food, and is firmly one of the best restaurants for home cooking in the U.S.  Long after the trendy restaurants move on, we’re pretty sure Magnolia’s will always be there.  And they served a damned good traditional shrimp and grits.

The Restaurant:  Irondale Café

The Locale:  Outside Birmingham, Alabama

The Dish:  Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green tomatoes so iconic that the Irondale Café inspired the original Whistle Stop in a movie. So yes, this makes the list for the best restaurants for home cooking.  This is a true Southern diner so no great shakes on atmosphere.  Here, authentic fried green tomatoes are fried up in a savory yet lightly coated batter.  You cannot eat just one. And of course there’s that homemade remoulade; you have to go for it.

The Dish:  Disco Fries

Locale:  Chicago Illinois

The Restaurant:  Bandit

Yes, we know Chicago is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the U.S.  However, Chicago is also known for their cheese fries, and the Bandit takes it to the next level.  In this rendition waffle fries are the base.   They are then smothered in a cheese sauce, scallions and braised short ribs with kimchi on the side.  Yes, please.

The Dish: Fried Chicken

Locale:  Miami, Florida

The Restaurant:  Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

This is the category that deserves its own article. We know you die hards love your good old fashioned Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We’re not arguing, but for now, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar serves up a more elevated fast food fried chicken (sometimes served with watermelon).  They have additional locations in Vegas and LA too, which are some of the best restaurants for home cooking in the country.

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