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August 18, 2015

Travel - It's What We Do

With summer in full swing, we have joined you on travels, and it feels good to be on the road again. This season, foregone is the weekend BBQ until the last three weeks of summer, where I plan to park it every weekend in my beloved Hamptons.  Until then, I began my travels in Egypt, which has been on my bucket list for many years. In looking back on the timing of my trip, it was at the optimal peek of pre-Arab Spring normalcy in tourism.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this past two years was a window where it was safe to return to the region. While I was there, it was as if I had my own private Egypt, with virtually no one at any of the major sites and nothing but an incredibly warm welcome from the people.  Don’t get wrong – I wasn’t too outside of the luxury bubble that is the style in which we travel to places like this for Galavante, but I didn’t miss anything culturally because of it.  If anything it gave me more of an opportunity to connect with people who would be part of my social circle if I lived in Cairo, and to get their fascinating views on the economy, politics and current events. 

For the 7 days I had on the ground in Egypt, I discovered beauty everywhere – from the women I baked bread with in Cairo, to the cacophonous streets of Edfu, and to the most beautiful part of the Nile in Aswan.  We were in total style at both Four Seasons in Cairo and the Oberoi Zahra where we cruised down the Nile.  To connect my trip, we were always under the watch of Nubia Tours, who has worked with everyone from stone crab-loving billionaires to Katy Perry.  They set the tone for my entire experience from the moment I stepped off my international flight and instead of boarding the bus, I was shuttled in a private sedan to the VIP wing of the airport, and I wouldn’t use anyone else.  Unfortunately there’s been some unrest and uncertainty that’s happened since I returned from this beautiful country, but I am hoping that order is restored soon. It is a fascinating and beautiful place, and I am already thinking of when I can return to spend more time in Aswan and visit the Bahariya Oasis.  We will have features running on Galavante this October along with video footage to give you the lay of the land.  My personal experiences in Egypt will also run on the Huffington Post this fall, so be on the lookout. 

Four Seasons Prague

It wouldn’t be summer though without some time spent in Europe, but in lieu of our usual Italy, I went to Germany for a close friend’s wedding.  It’s here where I fell into infatuation with Berlin.  Besides the history you would expect, it has a great art scene, exceptional restaurants where I hung with the locals at of all places, an NYC outpost of Zenkichi, and incredible hotels.  My first two days I spent at the Adlon, (aka scene of the Michael Jackson/blanket incident) which was the perfect locale to take in all of the Berlin sites.  They define hospitality.  On my way back to Berlin, I spent two days at the too cool for school Soho House, where I had a built in social scene at their rooftop pool.  Berlin is one of the few cities around the world where I could actually see myself perhaps living for a period of time, should the right opportunity arise.  To make a full European adventure, I added in Prague, Budapest and Vienna, where my travel adventures began with my first passport stamp as an exchange student. It was a beautiful walk down memory lane, and ironically full circle for me.  We have rich experiences from this time traveling to share with you as we re-launch the Galavante website this fall with video and new travel guides, as well as our very long-time coming Member Reviews.    Thank you always for being part of the adventure.  



Christine Drinan
Founder and Editor-in-chief