Tash Oakley and The Business of Influence

Hilary Sheinbaum, Contributor
Tash Oakley

How Tash Oakley Stays In Shape During Summer Travel

This influential business woman is all about The Pilates Class

Natasha Oakley is one of those businesswomen who really understands balance — working hard, working out, spending quality time with the family, and traveling. If you aren’t familiar with Tash Oakley. you’ll likely want to join her three million Instagram followers by the end of this article. She’s the CEO of the Pilates Class and Monday Swimwear — both of which are making a huge splash these days.

Without further ado, read on for more about this influential C-suite executive. 

Hilary: Tell us how you stay in shape while traveling?

The Pilates Class is my go-to for working out and staying in shape. There are so many different classes for every mood and goal and it’s perfect for traveling. All you need is a mat and phone, and you can get a great workout. 

Hilary: What are your travel plans this summer? 

This summer I plan on traveling to Kythira, Mykonos, and Capri. Kythira is a small Greek Island with an amazing traditional and authentic feel. This is where my partner and his family are from. I’m super excited to be in his hometown and spend time with our family.

Hilary: What is one destination that’s on your bucket list that you haven’t visited yet?

The Philippines. I’ve always loved their lush beaches and amazing coastlines. The country is so rich in history and culture I would love to experience it.

Hilary: Speaking of beaches, what is your favorite bathing suit this summer?

The Cala Roja Top and Tamarama Bottom in Vanilla Chevron

Hilary: What are your favorite hotels, where are they and why? 

My favorite hotels are The Belmond (Portofino), The Quaila (Hamilton Island), Santa Caterina (Amalfi Coast), and Kokomo (Fiji). They are all beautiful properties with excellent service, amazing views and an impeccable attention to detail in their interior design and architecture. 

Hilary: What is your favorite destinations? 

My favorite summer destination is the Amalfi Coast. There is so much beauty on that coastline that it’s hard for it not to be a favorite. Outside of summer, I love Aspen, Colorado. Skiing is one of my favorite sports and being in a ski town that has amazing food, a great heritage. and immaculate views is a dream!

Hilary: What is the most spontaneous travel adventure you’ve been on? 

My partner and I love traveling via sea. He has his captain’s license in Australia and we have a boat that we love to take out onto the ocean for adventures. We love to bring a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset or visit different islands or coves. 

Hilary: Tell us about your favorite souvenir. 

My favorite souvenir is a custom house number sign that I had made in Positano. It reminds me of a really amazing trip and is symbolic of the city that I love so much.

Hilary: What are your non-negotiables in your carry-on? 

A silk eye mask. It helps with sleeping on flights and with getting a night rest with jet lag. My favorite one is the Contour Mask from Slip.

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