The Mollie Opens in Aspen

Joe Wilkins, Guest Contributor

If there’s a town in the U.S. that requires major coin to play, you can put Aspen on that list. For ages though, the hotel scene has stayed pretty steady. The choice is you either suck it up with the super expensive and nice, or the expensive and bleak. There was no in-between in Aspen town, until maybe now. Here’s the first look at The Mollie, the newest of the luxury hotels in Aspen.

An Ode to Mollie

The Mollie Aspen is the newest of the luxury hotels in Aspen town.  If you’re thinking that the hotel sounds familiar, it’s because The Mollie is on the site of the previous Mollie Gibson hotel. which payed respect to the late Mollie Gibson, an Aspen debutante. Mollie’s brother Henry Gillespie named a silver mine after her, so it was only befitting there would be a hotel in Aspen with her name. However, the name is the only thing these two hotels share in common.  After years of construction, Mollie Gibson finally has a name sake to be proud of.  Unlike other luxury hotels in Aspen digs the Mollie  hardly costs a mine full of silver.

The Digs at the Newest Luxury Hotel in Aspen

The interior design team at Post Company did up the interiors in calming neutrals and white oak inspired by a fusion of Japanese interior aesthetics and the warmth of Scandinavian wood design. The combination of the two creates cozy digs that are sleek yet comfortable.  The Mollie  has 68 rooms and notably the Shadow Mountain Suite. The room may be a snug 575 square feet, but it has a private terrace to host up to 16 of your closest ski buddies. Unlike the other luxury hotels in Aspen, you can actually get a room for under $1,500. For those who know Aspen, this is circa 2019 pricing.

Besides the hotel rooms, there are now a full host of reasons you want to stop by The Mollie. There’s a retail shop, rooftop spa and pool, an all-day cafe, and a restaurant run by Gin & Luck.  This is the same team behind the famous cocktail revivalist Death & Co. NYC, which means they probably know how to make a drink.

A New Restaurant

Gin & Luck pays homage to its location in the mountains with with a hearty assortment of dishes that will stick to your bones.  Signature dishes include local sausages, Colorado lamb, and rocky winter herbs. The beverage program is also knows its roots, with local ciders, beer, and cocktails like the Summit Sour made with Woody Creek Distillers, locally sourced stone pine, and a classic lemon and egg white finish. Jimmy’s may have closed, but the Mollie may become a good last call spot this season on the Aspen circuit.

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