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A New Boutique Hotel in Mexico – It’s All About the Experience

Joelle Mentis, Writer

Luxury is just not about sumptuous surroundings and royal household-level service; it’s also about experience. A new boutique hotel in Mexico, Paradero, is looking to differentiate itself.  This is not a resort you never leave.  Instead, Pardero is basing the core of guests’ stay on  experiences outside its walls in the Baja California Peninsula. After all, we’re in it to see the world. We’re talking about everything from taking taco tours to mountain biking along the bluffs of the Pacific to learning about organic farming (and picking up a hoe yourself). As a bonus, all these pursuits are included in the nightly rate that won’t break the bank.

Going Off-Grid at a Boutique Hotel in Mexico  

You travel to South Africa to go on safari.  Or you go to Aspen to ski. Rarely though, do travelers go to Mexico for the experience outside of the hotel. Glitzy all-inclusive resorts are usually what come to mind when people think of Mexico.  Often, the culture gets lost in the midst of the flashy commercialization. A new hotel, Paradero, wants to show that Mexico is more than a resort destination. Mexico has a rich culture and with its location near the equator, it is full with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Desert, Farm, Mountains and Ocean 

Paradero is located in the town of Todos Santos, with five different ecosystems. There is a desert filled with 200-year-old cacti, rich farmland, the Sierra La Laguna Mountains, a palm tree oasis, and gorgeous Pacific coastline. In one day, you can go from taking a walking taco tour to venturing on a steep cliffside hike, then taking a surfing lesson with a local instructor.

A Magical Town 

Todos Santos has a 300-year history as a Pueblo Magico, or magical town.  You are immersed in the culture through Paradero’s daily experiences. Community involvement is at the heart of the Paradero mission. In the morning, you may take lessons with local farmers on organic agriculture and sustainable farming.  Whether you are farming, surfing or mountain biking, you become part of a regenerative and holistic community that embraces you with its magic.

Next-Level Architecture 

But just because the team at Paradero is committed to preserving and integrating the community, it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped short when it comes to the accommodations. Architects Ruben Valdez and Yashar Yektajo set out to create a landscape-oriented experience that blends seamlessly into the sandy environs. The hotel is centered around a 100,000-square-foot botanical garden filled with native species. Indoor-outdoor sanctuary-esque structures extend living from the comforts of the suites and villas out into gardens and fields. All indoor furnishings are handmade and reflect the local culture.

The rooms are an oasis.  Garden suites have expansive terraces and indoor-outdoor showers next to either soaking tubs or hammocks for stargazing at night. Rooftop suites feature “star nets,” which provide travelers high-altitude, panoramic views of farmland and coastlines.

The hotel also has communal space where people can gather to lounge on hammocks by day and enjoy cocktails at night. The authentic Ojo de Agua spa, whose services are inspired by ancient indigenous healing practices, offers another incredible experience that will reconnect you with yourself and the nature surrounding you.

Traditional travel in the region may not include rich cultural experiences, but with this boutique hotel in Mexico, that soon should change. Paradero intends to debut with this new hotel and then branch out into other pristine areas in Mexico to share these experiences with everyone.


Q: What are some of the experiences that the hotel offers guests?

A: Guests at Paradero can learn how to garden and farm, take fitness classes, bike, surf, take cooking classes, and more.

Q: How many dining options are there?

A: The hotel has Paradero Restaurant and Pericúe Bar. Details and times are here.

Q: Where can one book a stay at Paradero Todos Santos?

A: Drop us a line at [email protected], we’ll take care of it for you.

Paradero Todos Santos Information

Address: La Mesa KM 59 +3100, Degollado, 23300 Todos Santos, B.C.S., Mexico

Phone number:   +52 55 7005 5094


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