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Singapore airlines seats

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for the golden age of travel to return. And that starts with the journey, where it’s always good to fly in the front of the plane. But a lot has changed in the past few years, so this is the download on the latest in the best business class seats. And a few things may surprise you.

JetBlue Mint

Although American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines all have their own good business class seats and products, it is really hard to beat the other international airlines on this list. But JetBlue makes it to the list as the only US domestic company. So yes, JetBlue is the dark horse that you would not expect to have one of the best business class seats of all U.S. airlines, but it does.

The business class product of Jet Blue is known as Mint, and they have collaborated with several partners to create a unique experience for their passengers. The passenger seats are a lie-flat 6’8” which is the longest on a domestic premium flight. Your seats come with cushions, headphones, inflight entertainment with free on-demand movies, and free high-speed Wi-Fi.  Pillows and blankets and the sleeping kits by Tuft & Needle. Wanderfuel has a kit of essentials that changes with your destination, but these are products you would actually use in real life.

For food, JetBlue partners with classic American restaurants like Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones from New York City to bring you a top dining experience. It’s only second to actually eating at the restaurants on the ground. In fact, the food is one of the reasons why the Mint is one of the best business class seats. The airline also has an open bar curated by Parcelle and cocktails by Ada’s Place.


Emirates is without a doubt one of the best ways to travel anywhere. We would say that they are in the Hall of Fame of best business class seats in the industry. The service on Emirates is hard to beat. Their strongest virtue is how the staff treats you on your flight – like royalty. Although there are only a few nonstop routes out of the US, they’re all long-haul flights that get you a chance to get the full Emirates experience. That starts from the lounge, which has top wines and Middle Eastern cuisine. From there you board through a dedicated entrance which, on the A380s, leads you straight to the upper deck of your plane.

The first thing you notice when you enter business class is the sheer size. Following a 1-2-1 pattern (only on the A380), seating ensures that everyone gets the aisle. Spacious seats and an onboard bar are just a few more perks of the cabin. Partition doors extend at the push of a button offering more privacy in case you are travelling solo.

Your personal space is stocked with nearly everything you need on your flight, including a mini-bar, multiple power sockets, amenity kits, headphones, reading lamp, touchscreen monitor, seat controls, and your inflight entertainment options. You also get your own mattress and turndown service, for a proper night’s sleep. Amenity kits are from Bvlgari, with Bvlgari products like body lotion, lip balm, and cologne.

Turkish Airways

We were surprised too, but, Turkish Airlines has really evolved to provide one of the best business class seats on the market. The luxurious leather seats with separate footrests provide almost an Air France first-class level of space. The seats themselves are spacious and open into flatbeds during long flights. They also have in-built massagers. The cabins are equipped with reading lamps, charging ports, partition doors, and are fitted with an 18” TV screen.

The pride of the Turkish Airlines business class seats is their inflight menu. Travellers can select the food of their choice for up to 48 hours before the flight. Your dedicated “flying chefs” (who really wear those chefs’ hats) prepare your meals inflight so that it is always warm and fresh. Also, you get to choose from a rich selection of meals that you can enjoy at any time in the sky.

The in-flight amenity packs are the result of their collaboration with Versace. You get to use moisturisers, cosmetics, and other amenities created by the renowned international fashion brand. Wi-Fi is another benefit of travelling in business class. Very few airlines currently provide business class with complimentary Wi-Fi, where you get up to 1GB of free Wi-Fi access.

Qatar Qsuites

From the start, Qatar’s Qsuites have received endless praise as one of the best business class offerings on the market. They are, without a doubt, miles ahead of every other business class in service. Qsuites are the gold standard in privacy today because of their ingenious design. The seats are arranged to point in different directions such that everyone gets their own personal, spacious area. The thing of note here is the proper door with high walls which provides the highest level of privacy. In your suite, you’ll also find a TV, ample legroom, USB and power outlets, reading lights, and a large storage space. You also get a duvet and mattress that your flight attendant will gladly fix for you when you are ready to sleep. The amenity kit is from Bric’s. You get many quality items inside, including earplugs, socks, moisturizer, and lip balms.

Qsuites makes the best business class list in part because of their food. Qatar offers dedicated chefs on board with food-on-demand service. This means you get to have what you want (from the menu), when you want it and as many times as you like throughout the flight. This includes delicious and high-end dishes like fried shrimp prawns and caviar devilled eggs. There is also a proper tea service, should you be inspired to partake in warm scones, petite sandwiches and pastries.


Singapore Airlines

The national airline of Singapore, Singapore Airlines, is regarded as one of the best in the world. The airline is well-known for its variety of luxurious services, including their Business Class seats, which are newly re-designed. And as one of the most expensive business class seats out there, Singapore Airlines delivers with the latest, redesigned cabins. Hands down, this is one of the best business class seats available to fly around the world.

From the moment you sit in your seat, you know you’re in for a luxurious ride. Passengers are greeted with an extra comfy seat that effortlessly reclines into a soft bed in each suite. The middle aisle seats, which recline into double beds, are a top choice for couples travelling together. They also don’t skimp on the technology with the new Singapore Airlines business class. On Singapore, you get lightning-quick WiFi and the inflight entertainment system is available to watch on an 18-inch touchscreen panel.

The airline also delivers top-notch cuisine as another bonus. Choose a meal from the variety of delicious meals included in the Book Your Cook meal options (available up to 24 hours before your flight) and make it your own. The inflight food is paired with a variety of champagnes and wines that come from some of the top vineyards worldwide.

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