Around the World by Private Jet

Abbey Alexander

Around World by Private Plane

We have the solution to bypassing all the summer travel delays. And sometimes, it’s just too good to be true. When one of the top hotels in the world, Aman, combines with a private jet, it doesn’t get much better. That is, unless you have one of the 19 coveted seats aboard, en route to nine Aman hotels around the world. Yeah, that’s when you know that you’ve done something, at least one thing, right in your life.

Known as The Grandest Tour, you hit up bucket list destinations all the way from Tokyo to Greece. Because there’s clearly a lot you can accomplish in 21 days, like a lifetime trip. Here’s everything you need to know about Aman’s Around the World private jet expedition.

The Plane

Your journey begins in style, of course. Your ride is an  Airbus ACJ 319 with 19 lounge-configured seats. The interior of the Aman jet feels more like a living room, set up with in four sections. On the jet, you have a master bedroom and bathroom, dining area, main lounge, two galleys, and a private lounge. The master bathroom is like Emirates on steroids, with a walk-in shower and full vanity area. The good thing about the setup is you can be social, or you can enjoy some good old me time. There are dividers for each seat,  but then common areas where you can catch up with the other guests on the plane. Whatever you’re looking for in a travel experience, this jet can make it happen. You don’t even need to take your shoes off at security or part with your beauty products of 3.4 ounces.

The Journey

Over the course of twenty two days and twenty one nights, the nineteen lucky ducks on the Grandest Tour will travel to three continents, seven countries, and eight Aman resorts. Your journey begins in Tokyo, which we know you’ve missed all pandemic. On this part of the journey, you’ll learn Sumo with retired wrestlers, explore UNESCO world heritage sights, and adventure through Phang Nga Bay by yacht. Please take pics of the Sumo wrestling; that has to make your greatest hits reel.

Beyond Japan, the expedition has been perfected down to each detail. The journey takes you to Turkey’s ancient cities, Greece’s vivid beaches, and India’s architectural masterpieces. At the end of each experience, you get to call one of Aman’s extraordinary properties home for a few nights.

What’s Included

Despite being a group experience, The Grandest Tour is specifically designed for the independent traveler. Or rather, the traveler who wants the best of both worlds. Yes, you get to create community with a group of 18 other Aman Junkies, who are guaranteed to at least be an interesting lot. However, you also get your own private car, driver, and tour guide in each destination. Aman’s goal for the expedition is a flexible, individualized experience with an emphasis on connection. Guests are invited to do as they please, though still promised the once in a lifetime experiences coordinated by Aman.


Q: What is the full itinerary?

A: Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll hook you up with the details.

Q: What are the COVID protocols for this trip?

A: The following destinations are open to vaccinated travelers without quarantine.

Q: What is the cost for this experience?

A: It’s not as much as you would think, and a fraction of what it would be to do your solo private jet around the world. Let’s talk; [email protected] for more sets.

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