The Five Top Luxury Ecolodges in the World

This resort was at the frontier of sustainable travel, and finds itself 1,234 miles from civilization.  And this hotel, is almost 100% sustainable.  They even recycle the wine bottles (and there are a lot of them) into materials to build their $10million dollar+ villas. It’s so inspiring, you’ll see more than one billionaire help out at the recycling plant on isle.  These luxury ecolodges prove sustainable travel can be environmentally friendly and luxurious.

Laucala Island

The location:  Fiji

Why we like it:

This remote island is in the remote country of Fiji, and is a 50 minute private flight from the mainland.  Because it’s so remote, almost all of the food for this luxury ecolodge is grown on isle and fished off its pristine shores.  Welcome to Laucala, one of the bucket list hotels in the world.

What’s unique though about Laucala is its authenticity and local culture. Unlike other luxury resorts, Laucala is not a watered-down tourist experience.  The owner, who is the founder of Red Bull, preserved the local tribal village.  So for your Laucala experience, you get it all.  Luacala proves that you can have the best of luxury.  They spared no expense on the 25 exclusive villas on 1400 hectares.


Fogo Island

The location:  Newfoundland, Canada

Why we like it:  

Fogo Island is an island off the coast of an island.  So if you seek remote, this is the place.  It’s so remote, that Fogo is known as one of the four corners of the earth.   You do feel like you are in the most surreally isolated place in the world.  Only photos do justice to its impressive architecture.  It’s easily one of the most unique and best luxury ecolodges in the world.

Fogo’s mission in their design and architecture is to honor and protect the environment.  At Fogo, they also operate on a unique concept called “economic nutrition”.   Similar to a nutritional label on food, Fogo shows where every dollar you spend (and it is a pretty penny) is allocated.  The allocation is spread among local labor, food, maintenance, administration and operations.  The current surplus of around 12% is re-invested directly into the local community.

Explora Rapa Nui

The location:  Easter Island, Chile

Why we like it:

Yes, this is the hotel that is in the most remote inhabited place on earth, 1,234 miles away from anywhere.  And when you’re that far from civilization, you get pretty crafty on how to survive independently.  Explora is not only one of the leaders in  ecotravel, they were pioneers at the very start.

In 1993,  before ecotravel was a buzz word, carbon neutrality and sustainability were the foundation of their lodges.  Water bottles were always the standard, along with the philosophy that luxury is the luxury of experiences.  Consider Explora in the Hall of Fame for luxury ecolodges.

The Weekly Travel Pandemic Soneva

Soneva Fushi

The location:  The Maldives

Why we like it:

Those wine bottles that are used to build $10 mil+ villa?  You’ll find them here at Soneva Fushi.  They recycle as much of their waste as possible into home materials and even glass and plates for the meals.  This is the spot those billionaires volunteer in the recycling plant for the day.  And remember, these guys are on vacation, so you know the operation is pretty special.

If there is ever armageddon (or a pandemic) , this is the place to go.  Soneva Fushi is like its own country, and they are 99,9999% sustainable.  From the moment you pack up your shoes on arrival, this is as barefoot luxury (literally) as it gets. There’s no question this is one of the top luxury ecolodges, and top hotels in the world.

Pikaia Lodge

The location:  Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Why we like it:

In one of the most conservation-focused locations in the world, these principals are in the DNA of Pikaia Lodge.  Pikaia is a  stunning, modern and architectural feat on the island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos. It is the land-based alternative to a traditional Galapagos cruise.  (For those of us who are not cruise people).

The lodge itself operates with alternative energy sources and strong social responsibility program.  You feel it from the moment you arrive, but don’t think that means they skimp on experience.  Pikaia is one of the most luxurious ecolodges in the Galapagos.

The Bonus

You know that we usually only cover places that we personally travel to at Galavante.  It’s is why our recommendations are spot on.  But this property is on our list, because who wouldn’t want to stay in an over-the-water hotel?  And it’s also in Panama, and is on Founder Christine Drinan’s route to reach all 195 countries.

Sweet Bocas

The location:  Panama

Why we like it:

Sustainability and education are the core values of Sweet Bocas.  The Sweet Bocas team holds themselves to the highest standards of environmental protection and conservation.  Almost all of the food is grown on their estate, for a farm to table experience.

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