The Most Expensive Afternoon Tea

Abbey Alexander

Baccarat Hotel's Tea Experience

What can we say? The chance to celebrate Mom has us thinking about grand gestures. And we just had to share one of the most extravagant luxuries, even for a place like NYC, and that’s the tea at the Baccarat Hotel. It’s not a typo. There really is a $3,000 afternoon tea. This is a look, and yes, the tea includes something Baccarat. This experience may just be not only the most expensive afternoon tea in New York City, but also around the globe.

Go Baccarat, or Go Home

It’s no surprise that when Baccarat opened a hotel, it was going to be uber luxurious. The glassware itself is worth over a million dollars, so you know they weren’t messing around when Baccarat NYC arrived. So it’s only befitting that Baccarat has the most expensive afternoon tea experience in the city. This is what $3 grand will get you. If you’re in the market for this kind of stuff, it’s worth it. 

A Treat For Mom

There’s plenty of ways to treat your mom for Mothers Day, and not all of them cost $3k. But if you’re looking to go all out, look no further. Unless she’s the Queen of Saudi, Baccarat’s Debut of The Crystal Tea is probably unlike anything she’s ever experienced. After all the experiences she’s gifted you, the experience of the most expensive afternoon tea in NYC is a bargain. 

A History of Baccarat

King Louis XV founded Baccarat over 250 years ago. So, it’s no wonder that everything they do has an air of royalty to it. When the luxury crystal company opened their own hotel, to offer the most expensive afternoon tea service unlike any other, just made sense. Here’s everything you need to know about Baccarat’s afternoon tea experience. 

Baccarat's Crystal Tea
Baccarat’s Crystal Tea Experience

The Details

Baccarat Hotel serves their Crystal Tea daily in the Grand Salon from 12 to 4 pm. The space is just about as opulent as the tea experience itself. Intimate and glamorous, the Grand Salon feels like a giant crystal – in the best way. Custom-designed Baccarat chandeliers hang over the royal interior, just in case you forget where you are. 

A table for two is priced at $3,000, but this isn’t your typical English tea service. First, the whole standard of afternoon tea is reimagined by Michelin-starred chef Gabriel Keuther. His genius is responsible for the three tiers of dishes served up on a Baccarat crystal platter, from tarts to tea sandwiches. This isn’t just any regular tea fare, though. You start with 30 grams of caviar (hand selected by the Petrossian family, nonetheless), kobe beef tartare over baked potatoes, lobster yuzu tartelette.  After your savories, you get a selection of equally indulgent sweets.

The food is of course paired with your choice of tea, along with Cristal Roederer 2012 champagne. Also, in true Baccarat fashion, guests get to take away the Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Tea Set as a gift. The set includes a fine gold-dressed teapot, along with two crystal glasses. So the most expensive afternoon tea is not just tea, but rather a Baccarat experience too. 

Reservations for Baccarat’s Crystal Tea experience can be made here. Note that there is also normal afternoon tea, for those who want to experience the luxury of Baccarat. 

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