The $1 Million Villa

OK, so this isn’t a traditional deal. And no, you’re not buying the island for $1,000,000, just renting it. For a week. But, it fits up to 52 of your nearest and dearest in the entourage. And it’s in French Polynesia, which is a bucket-list destination no matter what.  After all, if it’s good enough for Oprah and Obama (who were there together), well, it’s worth a look.  We didn’t quite know there was a place that could be more exclusive than the Brando, until we found this $1 million villa.  Here’s the inside track on a #goals island for your list.

The Location

French Polynesia is one of the most remote inhabited places on earth.  It’s neighbor is Easter Island, 7 hours away, if that gives you some perspective.  The result is absolute paradise of 118 islands over 1200 miles of pure turquoise waters.  It’s no wonder, France has held onto Polynesia as a territory since 1946.

International arrivals into French Polynesia come into the capital city of Papeete.  The timing of the flights usually requires you to spend an overnight in the capital city.  Your airport hotel though is the Intercontinental, in an over-the-water-hut.  There’s no roughing it because French Polynesia is one of the most exclusive places to vacation in the world.

The Island

The island, named Nukutepipi, is the brainchild of Cirque du Soleil Founder Guy Laliberte.  Because after all, once you’ve made your billions, you naturally buy a few pieces of property.  If one of those places is in the  most exclusive spots to vacation in the world, it’s even better.  For Laliberte, this was a 10 year search until he settled on this piece of paradise.  The island is protected by a coral reef with pure white sand powder beaches that are almost unrivaled.

How to Arrive 

Once you get your entourage gathered, you’ll take a private plane, to your private island.  So what does a $1 million villa buy you? Nukutepipi is a resort that is dedicated solely to you, and your lucky friends.  Or perhaps you’re the lucky friend.  Either way, there are 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms to house up to 52 lucky guests across 16 beachfront villas.  The master villa is set apart from the rest of the suites, and is more than 6,000 square feet.  It’s a stand-alone hotel in itself, on an island that is a stand-alone hotel.

The Activities

This is a place that you play, eat, drink, spa and sport to your heart’s full desire.  If you think you will be bored on a deserted island, well, then you’re just boring.  Anything you can dream of, the staff of 100 on island is ready to deliver.  For your $1 mil a week, you get the all-inclusive food, beverages, spa services, and sport activities.   But if you’re on this island, you’re probably not too fussed about the incidentals bill.

The Price for Paradise

We said this was a $1 million villa per week, but it’s actually €1,000,000 plus taxes, service fee, tip, and airplane transfers.

To Inquire

At some point, you will know someone, or be that someone, in the market for a blowout experience.  A birthday.  An anniversary.  The sale of your company.  And we’ll be here, for you.  [email protected] 


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