The Catskills is Back, in All its Glory

Road Trip Scribners Lodge

New Yorkers’ love story with the Catskills is complicated. After being on and off for so many years, we can definitely say it’s back and stronger than ever! The Catskills are now attracting la crème de la crème of New York’s design junkies and creatives alike to a number of design-forward hotels and lodges. Whether you’re a nature person or not, hit the road and check in at one of these singular accommodations to enjoy the Fall foliage.

Urban Cowboy Lodge

Urban Cowboy brings its laidback Brooklyn vibe to the Catskills with its brand-new location. The lodge, which was scheduled to open in March, finally unlocked its doors in June and we couldn’t be happier about it. This modern ranch style lodge welcomes you with rocking chairs on its wooden porch, pot-belly stoves in the rooms, and fireplaces by the bar. Bold Native American heritage patterns are omnipresent, and so is the wood and wallpaper. Urban Cowboy is a creative’s dream come true.

The property was developed to give a sense of community in the rustic wilderness. And wilderness they deliver with an impressive 68 acres of land for your enjoyment. Once you’ve had enough of the fresh air and you’re done admiring foliage colors, grab a blanket and enjoy a Roberta’s pizza from their outdoor stand, sip a cocktail at the bar, or retreat to your whimsical cabin to enjoy what might be the best part of it all: a soaking copper tub overlooking nature.

No cell phone service is available on site and we hope this never changes.  Due to Covid, reservations are only available for Thursday check-ins with a three-night minimum.

Scribner’s Lodge

On the opposite end of the design spectrum lies Scribner’s Lodge, a recently renovated old motor lodge. If you’re dreaming of Scandinavia this year but couldn’t make the trip, this might be the perfect plan B for you. Scribner’s is a very Nordic style lodge with minimalistic interiors and modern furniture. The lodge is mainly black and white with color accents and lots of woods. The designers achieved a perfect balance of minimalistic yet cozy interiors for both the main lodge building and the guestrooms. The lodge is joyful, yet peaceful and pleasant to the eyes.

With only 38 rooms, the lodge feels somewhat intimate. Most rooms overlook the beautiful Catskill mountains and include a fireplace to cozy up during the cold fall and winter nights. Some rooms can even accommodate families of up to 8. The lodge can serve as a great basecamp for a myriad of activities from exploring its 20 acres of land, to sunbathing by its heated pool, partaking in outdoor yoga classes, watching movies under the stars, grilling smores on the firepit, and endlessly star gazing.

WIFI and cell phone service available, if you must.

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