Where to Stay in Palma de Mallorca

Cap Rocat Entrance

The Hotel: The Cap Rocat

Why we recommend it:

First, summer and Mallorca go hand-in-hand. It has the perfect combination of beautiful scenery, relaxation, food and fun. If you are looking for an almost child-free, secluded and romantic hotel in Mallorca that is not part of an international hotel group, Cap Rocat is where to stay in Mallorca. The atmosphere is serene, elegant and supremely chic. You feel like you’re stepping into a Moorish fortress, except with all of the modern-day amenities. The rooms are generous (by any standards) and design-focused – hand-woven carpets, stone floors and massive beds that guarantee a lot of uninterrupted sleep. The hotel itself is a vacation.

cap rocat

Room + Board

We especially like the common areas in the hotel, like the library where you would actually hang out when the sun is too hot, to chill and read a book. The restaurant is gourmet and unique from those in Palma, as it’s a destination for those not staying at the hotel. It’s fancy food, in a very grown up and romantic atmosphere. The service is also excellent.

Cap Rocat Spa

The Spa

Cap Rocat is where to stay in Mallorca, if only for the spa. In fact, the highlight of the hotel is the spa. Although it’s below ground, it is a light-filled, deeply relaxing space, with several outdoor gardens and atriums. The relaxation room is massive and the treatments are all about relaxation and well-being. Plan to spend some major quality time, whether or not spas are your thing.

Cap Rocat Pool

What to know:

With its secluded location, you’ll need to rent a car or hire a taxi to get anywhere on the island. This is also a romantic hotel; it may not be where to stay in Mallorca for large, boisterous groups. That is, unless you have a buyout event, in which case it’s the perfect place to stay in Mallorca. The décor is particular and design-chic, though you have to be into the stone flooring and fortress-like feel. If this is your thing though, the Cap Rocat is where to stay in Mallorca.


Q: Where is the nearest airport?

A: Cap Rocat is 12 km (7.5 miles) from Palma de Mallorca airport.

Q: When is the Sea Club Restaurant open?

A: The Sea Club is the perfect spot for an informal meal with great company. Until March 31st, it is open daily from 1-4p.m. From April 1st-May 31st, it is open daily from 1-3:30p.m. and 7-10p.m. After June 1st, it is open daily from 1-3:30p.m. and 7-10:30p.m.

Q: When are the check-in and check-out times at Cap Rocat?

A: Check-in is at 2p.m., and check-out is at 11:59a.m.

Cap Rocat Information

Address: Ctra. d’enderrocat, s/n, 07609 Cala Blava-Llucmajor, Balearic Islands, Spain

Phone number: +34 971 74 78 78


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